COD Mobile Season 6 leaks: Changes to Completionist camos and new melee weapon

Renewed Diamond camos are coming to COD Mobile next season (Image via Twitter)
Renewed Diamond camos are coming to COD Mobile next season (Image via Twitter)
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The COD Mobile Season 6 public test build is now live, and players are beginning to explore a whole lot of new content that is coming to the game soon. Over the past week, the COD Mobile community has witnessed several leaks from the test build and from dataminers. This suggests that the update is going to be huge.

There are new maps, weapons, operators, gameplay mechanics, zombies in Battle Royale and much more. An entirely new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of fresh content is coming to COD Mobile in Season 6. Furthermore, a new mythic sniper rifle has been leaked. It will be launched next season as well.

New leaks also suggest COD Mobile has changed the look of the Completionist camos. Currently, the game has four of these camos: Gold and Platinum are in the lower tier, whereas Damascus and Diamond are higher tier completionist camos. In past seasons, COD Mobile has tweaked the Damascus camo a few times. Both Gold and Diamond camos have now been tweaked.


The major change is that both the camos will now cover all the attachments available for a weapon with the Gunsmith feature. Previously, camos did not cover optics, red dots, various stocks or other attachments. However, it will now cover the entirety of the weapon, regardless of the kind of attachment.

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The Wrench, a new melee weapon coming to COD Mobile

Dataminers have leaked a new Battle Royale event launching next season. It will involve zombies and, according to the leaks, it will be a replication of the "Seven Days" event from COD Online.

In this event, players will have to protect a "Pandora Box" from waves of zombies. The game mode requires a wrench, which leaks suggest is the next melee weapon to be released in the game.

If the leak is true, players will be able to use the weapon in multiplayer games as well. With over a week left in the current COD Mobile season, more leaks are expected in the coming days.

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