COD Mobile to launch Seven Days event from COD Online in Season 6

Zombies Royale is coming soon in COD Mobile (Image via Twitter)
Zombies Royale is coming soon in COD Mobile (Image via Twitter)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

COD Mobile has already teased that something related to the Zombies mode is coming very soon. Earlier this year, the devs confirmed that the original Zombies mode for mobile would be returning to the global server by the end of 2021.

A week ago, COD Mobile teased a suspicious video of the lake in Sakura, a region on the Battle Royale map, Isolated. It is all speculation as there is no official confirmation, but something related to zombies is coming to the classic Battle Royale map next season.

This speculation became more concrete after the logo for COD Mobile in the LATAM region showed Richtofen along with Simon "Ghost" Riley. For those who are unaware, the former is a famous Zombies character from the Black Ops series by Treyarch.

More leaks are coming out now that show precisely what is coming to COD Mobile in Season 6. It will be a special event in Battle Royale, and players will be pleased to see Activision paying more attention to this mode.

Zombies Royale in COD Mobile Season 6?

Zombies in Battle Royale is nothing new for the Call of Duty franchise. The Outbreak mode in Black Ops Cold War has already achieved this feat, and Warzone also hosted Zombies as part of an event.

The new event teased to be coming to COD Mobile next season is "Seven Days" from COD Online. This version was available in China until Activision turned it down because they only want to focus on COD Mobile at the moment.

The "Seven Days" event was a fan favorite in COD Online, and players massively enjoyed it for its incorporation of zombies. Much to the excitement of fans, the same is coming to COD Mobile next season.

Players will be in squads and must protect a "Pandora Box" from the incoming zombie waves. There will be turrets and other weapons to assist them, but lots of it will go down to how well gamers can use their accumulated firepower.


It will be intriguing to see how COD Mobile incorporates this mode in Battle Royale as there will be several teams already present trying to hunt each other down. With over a week left before next season arrives, users can expect more intel on the event to come their way soon.

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