COD Mobile Season 6 leaks: New upcoming weapons — MX9 SMG and AMR Sniper Rifle

There are two new upcoming weapons in COD Mobile (Image via Call of duty Mobile Twitter)
There are two new upcoming weapons in COD Mobile (Image via Call of duty Mobile Twitter)

COD Mobile players are aware that every season, the game adds two new weapons to its arsenal. This season's additions are the CR 56 AMAX assault rifle and the Shorty double-barrel sawed-off shotgun.

The AMAX came out in the Battle Pass, and all players needed to do was get to tier 21 of the Battle Pass to unlock the base version of the weapon. Premium Battle Pass owners also have a chance at unlocking the epic blueprint for the CR-56 AMAX in tier 50 of the Battle Pass.

The other weapon falls under the pistol category and is a secondary weapon in COD Mobile. Shorty was recently released into COD Mobile along with the launch of the legendary Ghost operator skin. Players can unlock the base skin by grinding out a few missions in the Seasonal Challenges.

However, in the upcoming season, they will see the launch of an old Call of Duty favorite weapon, the MX9 SMG. First seen in Black Ops 4, it was probably the most used weapon in the futuristic Call of Duty title.

MX9 SMG is coming to COD Mobile in Season 6

The MX9 in Black Ops 4 was a strict close-range weapon. The high fire rate and decent accuracy allowed players to easily win gun fights against almost all assault rifles in this game.


However, the dynamic range of the weapon is restricted to close and medium ranges. Beyond that, it does not perform up to the mark to be viable enough.

However, with a good mobility build, players can play aggressively, and the base magazine supports 35 bullets, which can be increased via gunsmith.

The MX9 is coming out with the Battle Pass in Season 6.

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New functional sniper, AMR, arriving in COD Mobile next season

The second weapon coming next season is the AMR sniper rifle. AMR stands for Anti-Material Rifle and sports a 50 BMG high caliber round.

It is a powerful sniper with a semi-automatic fire rate. The recoil is exceptionally high, making the weapon kick back a considerable height if spammed.


The weapon was first seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and will be released as part of the Seasonal Challenges next season in COD Mobile.

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