COD owners Activision now sending Private Investigators to cheat developers' homes

COD owners Activision have sued multiple cheat developers over the past few months
COD owners Activision have sued multiple cheat developers over the past few months
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Like most online multiplayer games, Call of Duty has also struggled due to the menace of cheating. Game developers have tried various methods that include better anti-cheat systems and permanent bans. However, the sheer quantity of cheats that emerge every week makes it almost impossible to manage this problem.

Now, it appears that COD’s owners, Activision, have come up with an elaborate and effective method to deal with the situation. It is no secret that COD games are some of the worst when it comes to cheating.

It is prevalent to run into cheaters who might have some hack or cheat enabled. Such mods allows them to see through walls, shoot without aiming, and accrue various movement and speed improvements. Regardless, COD’s developers have now come up with the most effective way of dealing with cheats.

Image Credits: Push Square
Image Credits: Push Square

Activision has become very strict with cheaters

Back in April 2020, Activision had released a stern statement warning COD cheaters. It noted that they are doing everything in their power to control this menace, and to date, the American video game publisher has implemented more than 70,000 permanent bans.

Activision’s COD team monitors potential infractions around the clock, and are always working to improve the in-game reporting system.

Image Credits: Daily Express
Image Credits: Daily Express

You can have a look at COD: Warzone’s Security and Enforcement policy here. While the number of cheaters today is comprehensively lesser than a couple of years ago, the issue still exists. But now, Activision is actively suing companies that manufacture such cheats and hacks.

COD owners Activision now sending Private Investigators to cheat developers’ homes

In August, the company filed a lawsuit against CXCheats, which responded by deleting all of its COD-related cheats. And now, Activision has gone a step further and sent a Private Investigator to a cheat developer’s house!

The company, GatorCheats, was first sent a Cease and Desist letter in May 2020, but they continued to make the cheats available. However, the owner has now revealed that a Private Investigator showed up with a new Cease and Desist letter in September.

Following this, the organisation stopped allowing COD cheats on their website. The owner revealed the following on Discord.

Image Credits: The Tech Game
Image Credits: The Tech Game

You can look at popular YouTuber and content creator Jake Lucky’s video on the matter below:


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