Complete list of EA FC 24 trophies: How to get the Platinum achievement

There are 40 trophies to earn in EA FC 24 (Image via EA Sports)
There are 40 trophies to earn in EA FC 24. (Image via EA Sports)

The Platinum achievement in EA FC 24 might be one of the hardest ones to complete in video games, despite how it works. There's a total of 41 different trophies spread across three different tiers. The difficulty of obtaining these trophies will vary based on their rarities, but you'll need to participate in the different game modes to complete them.

EA FC 24 might be a continuation of the FIFA series, but EA Sports has dropped the tag for the first time in history. However, plenty of content will be familiar to the players, including all the popular game modes.

Trophies have once again been introduced for those who want to complete the different worthwhile achievements. While some of these achievements can potentially take a long time to complete, it becomes easier if players know what to do.

All trophies in EA FC 24


As mentioned earlier, the trophies range between Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with the final one being the Platinum achievement. There are 26 bronze trophies, 10 silvers, and 4 golds, and all of them have to be completed in order for you to get to the platinum in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Bronze trophies

  • Volta’s Best: Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in Volta Football.
  • Teamwork Works: Win a Volta squads match with 3 friends.
  • Shop Till You Drop: Purchase an item in the Volta Shop using Volta Coins.
  • Dead-Ball Specialist: Score a goal from a Free Kick.
  • Intuition and Execution: Win a penalty shoot-out without missing.
  • Power Shot: Score a goal using the power shot mechanic.
  • Bring It On: Play/Win a match with the competitive settings turned on during any offline mode.
  • Surgical Aim: Complete 25 Precision Passes.
  • Bullseye: Score a goal using Precision Shooting.
  • Squad Building Completionist: Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in Football Ultimate Team.
  • The Alchemist: Built a squad with 33 Chemistry Points in Football Ultimate Team. Excludes Concept Players and SBCs.
  • Trust Me, I’m a Manager: Create your own custom tactic in Football Ultimate Team.
  • Defensive Masterclass: Keep 10 clean sheets in UT Squad Battles.
  • One Moment Please!: Complete 1 Moment in Football Ultimate Team.
  • We’re in the Game!: Play a match in UT with a squad that has players from both male and female leagues.
  • Level Up!: Complete an Evolution level in UT and claim the upgrades.
  • We’re Going Up: Earn a Clubs League Promotion with your Club.
  • First of Many: Win your first Clubs League Match.
  • Walk the Walk: Win your first Clubs Playoff Match.
  • Make the Grade: Receive an A grade in a Clubs Skill Game.
  • Precious Advice: Follow your agent’s team recommendation twice during the same Player Career.
  • Fashion Icon: Equip a face guard and a tattoo from the avatar customization menu in Player Career Mode.
  • An Ace Up Your Sleeve: While spectating a match in Tactical View in Manager Career, jump in and score a goal.
  • Do Your Homework: Check a pre-match report, complete a training session, and attend a press conference before a match.
  • Best of Five: Play 5 H2H matches with a friend in Kick Off.
  • Football is Everything: Play a Women’s International Football match.

EA FC 24 Silver trophies

  • On the Way Up: Reach Level 7 in Season in Volta Football or Clubs.
  • PlayStyle+: Score a goal with an active PlayStyle+.
  • Welcome to the Big Leagues!: Earn enough UT Champions Qualifications Points to qualify for UT Champions Play-Offs.
  • Seasoned Veteran: Reach Milestone 3 in a UT Division Rivals Season.
  • Graduation Day: Complete an Evolution and claim the upgrades in UT.
  • End of the Line: Reach the last level of a Seasonal Objectives Progress during any Season of UT 24.
  • Campeones: Finish as the Champion of your Clubs Playoff table.
  • Top of the Pyramid: Reach Elite Division with your Club in a Clubs League Season.
  • Dazzling Personality: Develop a dominant personality trait of over 75%.
  • Winning in Style: Win the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final.

EA FC 24 Gold Trophies

  • Full Wardrobe: Unlock 50 different vanity items.
  • Record Breaker: Reach 200 club appearances with a player in Football Ultimate Team.
  • Golden Generation: Hire an Expert level coach for each department in your club.
  • European Legend: Win the UEFA Champions League Final.

There's no shortcut or easy way to achieve the Platinum trophy in EA FC 24. Obtaining the 40 trophies won't be a mean feat at all, as they're all spread across the different game modes. However, it's advisable to start with the Bronze trophies and gradually move up. Some of the harder ones will also get done naturally as you play more.

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