Pancake cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom- All you need to know

Pancake Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Reddit)
Pancake Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Reddit)
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action-based Role Playing Game where players start as Ginger Brave Cookie, the protagonist. They level up through the stages while unlocking new cookies through two modes: World Exploration story or through the classic Gacha system.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has recently become popular in the Google Play Store with over ten million downloads.

In this article, we are going to take you through a complete guide of the Pancake Cookie, which has been playable since launch (January 21).

Today is National Pancake Day! 🥞 Let's take a second to check in on Pancake Cookie and see what he's doin- OH NO! 😭🌌

Pancake cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Pancake Cookie's in-game description reads as:

"Browned to perfection, the ever-energetic Pancake Cookie is cute to the extreme. And he knows it! He even added a piece of butter on top of his head to look even more adorable. This sweet and innocent Cookie's favorite thing in the world is Acorn Jellies. When he sees one, he'll use the full extent of his cuteness to get his hands on it. You may try to resist his charms, but he'll get that Acorn Jelly from you one way or another!"

Pancake Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Rare cookie who belongs to the Ambush class. His position is prioritized to the rear by default.

He appears in various story segments of the game like Herb Cookie's New Plant and Couldn't Care Less.

Statistics of Pancake Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • 15 second base Cooldown
  • Damage dealt: 40.0% (+0.5% DMG per level)
  • +20.0% ATK SPD for 6.0 sec

Pancake Cookie's Soulstone description

"This stone holds a piece of Pancake Cookie's soul. It feels like it's about to spread its flappy wings and fly away."
Pancake Cookie's skill- Take an Acorn (Image via YouTube)
Pancake Cookie's skill- Take an Acorn (Image via YouTube)

Pancake Cookie's skill: Take an Acorn

The in-game skill description of Take an Acorn reads:

Flies forward, throwing acorns at the enemies causing wide area damage and increasing the party's Attack Speed.

Pancake cookie's skill, Take an Acorn, makes him fly, throw acorns at enemies and inflict pretty good area damage on them. It also increases the party's attack speed.

Take an Acorn deals damage at 40.0% (+0.5% DMG per level) and increases Attack Speed of the party to +20.0% Attack Speed for 6.0 seconds.

🥞Inquisitor Master - Pancake Cookie✨Xander Mobus - Sparkling Cookie

At the base level, his skill cooldown is set to 15 seconds. It is best suited with X5 Searing Raspberry Topping (Recommended) and X5 Bouncy Caramel Topping.

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