Corpse Husband fans want him to apologize for using the R-word in 2017

An old video of Corpse Husband using the R-word has surfaced online recently.
An old video of Corpse Husband using the R-word has surfaced online recently.
Modified 05 Mar 2021

Fans of internet sensation Corpse Husband were recently left disappointed after a video of him saying the R-word in 2017 surfaced online.

The clip was taken from Corpse Husband's collaboration with YouTuber MamaMax. The duo worked on a project called "Life Sucks-Sleep."

Since Corpse Husband is often subjected to false allegations, his fans quickly jump in and support him. They labeled these accusations as fake. However, after watching the video, they realized that the streamer had uttered the R-word.

As a result, several of his fans demanded a response and apology from Corpse Husband on Twitter. They clarified that this was not an attempt to 'cancel' him. Rather, it was a plea for him to take accountability and apologize for the same.

Fans of Corpse Husband concerned after a clip of him saying the R-word surfaces online

In the video, Corpse Husband can be heard saying the R-word at the 1:24 mark while uttering the following line:

"Being bored out of your mind and violently seething at the fact that you have to live with the r*tard who has no idea what's going on in your brain or body when they think they know everything"

This is not the first time that fans have asked Corpse Husband to apologize for using pejorative slang. In October 2020, he received criticism after allegedly using the D-word, a slang deemed highly offensive towards trans women.

The context behind this stems back to the time when a trans person submitted a story to Corpse Husband via Reddit. The story dealt with a transphobic Christian woman who was verbally abusing the storyteller.

The victim was called the D-word, which Corpse Husband read out during his storytelling session.

Amid mounting backlash, Corpse Husband released an audio clip. In it, he apologized for the use of the word and declared his support for the trans community:

With the use of the R-word becoming increasingly frowned upon, fans of Corpse Husband were left disappointed to find out about his offense.

As a result of the clip surfacing, several of his fans urged him to respond, taking accountability, and sincerely apologize such using such language:

Corpse Husband is known to command one of the largest and most loyal digital fandoms in the world.

From the reactions above, it is clear that his fans are not looking to ruin his career but want him to address the issue.

As reactions continue to pile up on Twitter, it remains to be seen if Corpse Husband will take accountability for his actions, as he did with the D-word usage.

Published 05 Mar 2021
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