Could the Persona games be announced for Nintendo Switch at the rumored upcoming Direct livestream?

Nintendo fans have expressed disappointment at the popular handheld being left out (Images via SEGA/Nintendo)
Nintendo fans have expressed disappointment at the popular handheld being left out (Images via SEGA/Nintendo)

The recent announcement of Persona remasters for Xbox and PC have taken the gaming world by storm. Three games from the popular JRPG series are going multiplatform for the first time. However, Persona 3/4/5 have so far been confirmed for most platforms, except for the Nintendo Switch.

For a platform well acquainted with JRPGs, this omission does seem odd. This is especially true when considering developer Atlus' affiliation with the hybrid console, as seen with the release of 2021's Shin Megami Tensei V. However, not all could be lost yet, as insider Alanah Pearce suggests a new Nintendo Direct will be taking place soon.

The upcoming rumored Nintendo Direct may hold the answers to Persona fans' query

A Sony Santa Monica employee named Alanah Pearce recently hosted a Twitch stream during which she talked about the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. She ticked off upcoming gaming events, which to many viewers' surprise, included a Nintendo Direct.

Pierce then re-checked and confirmed that there would indeed be one on June 29, 2022. She added:

"It's not technically a leak because Nintendo didn't tell me, which is how I make that call. But it's also... I'm not leaking anything in it."

This isn't really surprising, given that June is a major season for gaming. Publishers always announce new projects around this time, usually at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

However, since E3 2022 was canceled, companies have chosen to host their own shows, something Nintendo has been doing for a while now. Their last livestream was in February of this year. Given their history, it is pretty much confirmed that they will air one this month too.

Could the Persona games make it to the Switch?

It is not uncommon for a game to be announced on all platforms besides the Nintendo Switch, only for the handheld rendition to be announced at a later date.

So perhaps Persona 3/4/5 could follow the same format for the hybrid portable. Fans have been asking for a Switch port of these games, especially P5R, for a long time. However, for some reason, SEGA and Atlus have been turning a deaf ear to the demands. Even the upcoming Megami Tensei JRPG, Soul Hackers 2, will be skipping the Nintendo Switch. But from a feasibility standpoint, all three Persona games would work too.

P3P is a PlayStation Portable game, and P4G is a PlayStation Vita title - no problems here given their age. Now, yes, P5R is a PlayStation 4 game. But the PlayStation 3 roots of the graphics tech foundation and the Tegra X1 portable's scalability should ensure that things work out just fine. This is especially true when considering the fact that more complex games have seen favorable results on the Nintendo platform. If that wasn't enough, there's even the spin-off games on Nintendo platforms.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Nintendo Direct event? Do you think the mainline Persona series will finally make its debut on the Switch?