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CS:GO professional player s1mple's Twitch account suspended

Tarun Sayal
45   //    16 Aug 2019, 12:57 IST


One of the best CS:GO players, Oleksandr Kostyliev, popularly known as "s1mple", recently had his twitch account suspended. He is currently playing from team Navi (Natus Vincere) and has won a lot of ESL Esports tournament. He is also a twitch streamer who has gained a lot of traction with his amazing skills and gameplay.

But if you have tried recently to view his twitch channel, then you will see that his channel has been terminated.

Twitch Suspension Warning
Twitch Suspension Warning

However, the exact reason behind the suspension is still not confirmed by S1mple. S1mple tweeted on 14th of August after his Twitch ban regarding this issue:

A Reddit user in a post explained the cause of this suspension:

S1mple said a forbidden word on stream as a joke (in Russian) to his teammate which is definitely against the Twitch community guidelines.

If anyone caught breaking the Twitch community directives, will result in an immediate ban.

The last live stream was on August 7, and no one knows when will his twitch ban expire. According to an Esports consultant, "Rod Slasher," s1mple has received a seven-day ban, and he'll be back soon. He explained the exact reason behind his ban in his post:

s1mple has been suspended from Twitch for one week source with knowledge confirms this is indeed because s1mple used a homophobic slur (pidor) jokingly during a July 29th FPL game to his NaVi teammate Boombl4

However, There is no response from Twitch till now regarding this issue. After the removal of the channel from the platform, the news spreads like wildfire, and Twitch streamers start discussing this. StarLadder Berlin Major, one of the biggest CS:GO event, begins soon in which S1mple is also playing. He generally does not steam around the CS:GO events. So fans should expect an extended break from his streams.

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