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CSGO News: Latest update nerfs AUG, brings back Retro Dust II

164   //    20 Jun 2019, 02:03 IST

Retro Dust 2, AUG Nerf, & More Coming In CS: GO's Anniversary Update
Retro Dust 2, AUG Nerf, & More Coming In CS: GO's Anniversary Update

Counter-Strike marked its twentieth anniversary today, and Valve is all set to bring an update to add some stuff to celebrate the historical feat. The Anniversary Update is already out and it does bring some significant changes to the game. The striking feature of the update is a rifle nerf, which actually overshadows the other aspects in the Anniversary Update.

First of all, we have the retro version of Dust II making a comeback. However, this retro map will only be available in casual mode. There is a twist to it, though. The game will switch between the current and retro version of the map after every round. This is a pretty unique method undertaken by Valve to show how far Counter-Strike has come over the years. The Retro Dust II features the old layout and visuals, so there's a pretty nostalgic appeal to this update.

Secondly, we have a new sticker capsule coming to the game as a part of the anniversary. The Chicken Capsule comprises of the iconic chicken from Inferno and Cobblestone and is available at a price of $0.99. 

Finally, coming to the AUG nerf, the gun has got some serious adjustments in the update. If one has been following the CS: GO eSports scene in the past few months, one would have noticed the massive rise in popularity the AUG has witnessed. Ever since the limited time price drop of the AUG and the SSG-553, both the guns have been an integral part of the meta, with the former almost completely replacing the M4A4 and M4A1-S for certain teams.

The nerf has been a direct response to the feedback by professionals and the community. Speaking of the adjustments, the rate of fire has been reduced and the accuracy while unscoped has been reduced, to bring it in line with the other rifles. This change is likely to affect the game's meta since it considerably reduces the gun's significance given the fact that this nerf follows the hike in the price of the AUG.