Cyber Week Rewards in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know

Image via PUBG Mobile/Twitter
Image via PUBG Mobile/Twitter

The developers of PUBG Mobile bring in periodic updates and various in-game events that keep the existing players engaged and also attract new players. The Cyber Week events have now arrived in PUBG Mobile, and players have an excellent opportunity to obtain various exclusive in-game items at a lower cost.

The Cyber Week events will run from 23rd November to 6th December in PUBG Mobile and will provide users with various deals and offers. During its entire duration, users will have to complete missions to receive Cyber Points. They will be able to collect the corresponding rewards once they reach a specific number of points.

These rewards include Emoji King Top, Xmas Ghost Ornament, Cyber Week Discount Pack, Joyful Emoji Parachute, and the Cyber Week Exclusive Pack.

These points can also be used to open Cyber Week exclusive supplies. One hundred users with the highest Cyber Points in the servers will also receive an exclusive title.

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Cyber Week Rewards in PUBG Mobile

Chance Up (23rd November โ€“ 29th November)

Chance Up in PUBG Mobile
Chance Up in PUBG Mobile

In this event, the chances of obtaining a few items from the Classic Crate, including Rainbow Splash โ€“ UZI, Rainbow Splash โ€“ grenade, Rainbow Splash โ€“ Helmet, Youth Enforcer Set, and headgear, have been increased. However, the prices of opening the crates remain the same.

Cyber Deals (25th November to 1st December)

Cyber Deals in PUBG Mobile
Cyber Deals in PUBG Mobile

Players can also acquire the Metro Soldier Headgear, Venomous Skull โ€“ Scar L, and Metro Soldier Suit at a high discount. The headgear will cost 36 UC, while the gun's skin and outfit are priced at 360 UC and 90 UC, respectively.

Cyber Wish Discount (26th November to 29th November)

Cyber Wishes Discount in PUBG Mobile
Cyber Wishes Discount in PUBG Mobile

During the entire event, the players of the server have to make a wish for a selected item. The top six items with the most wishes will be sold at a discount on the next day. The discount would be capped at 70%.

Apart from these, two exclusive items with a random discount will also be up for grabs.

Cyber Ops event (27th November to 29th November)

Cyber Ops in PUBG Mobile
Cyber Ops in PUBG Mobile

Players would have to complete missions to get a chance to collect coupons. Each coupon has a specific condition and can be used only for three days after the redemption.

Lucky Spin (27th November to 17th December)

Lucky Spin in PUBG Mobile
Lucky Spin in PUBG Mobile

The users will have to have to spend UC to make a spin and obtain a reward at random. With each draw, luck increases by a single point, which increases the chances of getting a better in-game item.

When the luck reaches 200, players are guaranteed to get Outlawed Fantasy โ€“ UMP45.

Custom Pack (1st December to 8th December)

Lucky Treasures (1st December to 21st December)

Custom Crate (4th December to 26th December)

The details of all the three events are yet to be revealed.

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