Day 3 of PMPL is a make or break situation for Team Soul.

PMPL official logo.
PMPL official logo.
Ankit Verma
Modified 21 May 2020

History of Team Soul

Soul Mortal is the biggest name when it comes to the PUBG Mobile Esports in India. It is evident from the fact that during the ongoing PMPL, the live stream of the event on his channel was constantly having a higher watching than that on the Official channel. Mortal has been the face of the PUBG Mobile Community in India since Season 3 of the game. Mortal is participating in the ongoing PMPL with his team Soul alongside teammates Soul Viper, Soul Regaltos, Soul Aman and Soul Sangwan.

Thanks to the popularity of Soul clan, team Soul is the crowd favorite in the event. Team Soul has been successful in all the major domestic tournaments. In March 2019, team Soul comprising of Mortal, Viper, Owais, and Ronak won the first major PUBG Mobile tournament in India, the PMIS. The same team won the PMCO Spring Split in June 2019 and became the first team to qualify for the Global Finals, after which the team was disbanded. Soul then finished second in the PMCO Fall Split in November 2019 with a new team featuring Mortal, Viper, Regaltos, and ClutchGod. 

Performances leading up to PMPL

But things haven’t been easy for the team since the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals. ClutchGod left the team. Soul brought in Aman and Sangwan as replacements. The new team hasn't performed up to the mark. Their performances in all the smaller tournaments and practice scrims have been highly inconsistent, winning a game with a high number of kills and then getting eliminated early on in the very next game.

Entering PMPL as an invited team, Soul was considered as one of the favorites despite the shaky performances. The major reason behind it was their experience in LAN events. But later it was announced that PMPL is going to be an online event. This neutralized any experience advantage that Soul had.

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Performance in PMPL till now

Soul started the tournament with an average game. In the Erangel map, Soul got 2 kills and 6 placement points. Soul upped their game and bagged a 15 kills Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner in the very next match in Sanhok. In the next two games, however, Soul managed just 3 points and finished the day at 7th place with 46 points in 4 games.

After having a decent day one, Soul went into the second day searching for consistency. They were scheduled to play just two games and would’ve hoped to get at least 15-20 points. But Soul had a poor day two, as they managed just 6 points from the two games bagging just 3 kills. Soul finished the day at 14th place with 52 points. 

Why Day 3 is important?

Day 3 of the tournament is going to be very crucial for Soul and their performance on the given day will play a major role in deciding their progress in the tournament. After two below the average days, Soul will be feeling the pressure. The best thing for them is that they have played just 6 games till now.

Soul will play in all the remaining 10 games of the first week. So, Day 3 will be their first 5 games day. This makes Day 3 very important for them. A solid 5 games can push them up in the leaderboard and set the tone for the remaining matches whereas a bad outing can result in an unrecoverable slump.

Saturday was supposed to be an important day for Soul. But as we all know that due to Janta Curfew, Day 3 and 4 have been rescheduled for 23rd and 24th March respectively. They have a break of two days before the tournament resumes. All the fans from all over the country will be praying for their favorites to rise to the top again.

Published 22 Mar 2020
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