PUBG New State vs BGMI: 5 major differences in battle royale experience

Assessing PUBG New State and BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Assessing PUBG New State and BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

PUBG New State vs BGMI is amongst the most heated discussions among gamers as well as content creators. Developer Krafton Inc has taken the mobile gaming market and battle royale to new heights through these two games.

While Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State is a different mobile title altogether. Since its much-awaited release on November 11, the latter has become a worthy rival to BGMI in India.

Both games have enriched the brand of PUBG Mobile against the likes of Free Fire. However, both PUBG New State and BGMI have different fan bases due to differences in-game.

What differentiates PUBG New State and BGMI?

5) Futuristic gameplay

While BGMI displays the present-day version of the battle royale experience, PUBG New State takes gamers on a futuristic trip, forwarding them to 2051. Since the game is set in the future, a lot of in-game elements are futuristic as well.

From cities on the map to vehicles and weapons, PUBG New State is full of futuristic elements. People playing BGMI would feel the change when they arrive in Troi or Erangel 2051.

Features like drones carrying supplies, along with the scout drones detecting enemies in the vicinity as well as the green flare enabling teammates to respawn, are upgrades in PUBG New State

4) Graphics

Futuristic graphics in PUBG New State (Image via PUBG NEW State, Instagram)
Futuristic graphics in PUBG New State (Image via PUBG NEW State, Instagram)

PUBG New State is all about bringing realistic graphics into the mobile battle royale, enriching the experience.

However, after its release, gamers worldwide were disappointed with pixelated graphics. Even when the game is played in ultra graphics settings, it seems to have a choppy feel to it.

BGMI, on the other hand, keeps in mind how plenty of users worldwide use devices with low RAM and face lag problems. Therefore, the developers have kept these users happy with minimal resolution requirements.

Reportedly, PUBG New State lags heavily on low-end devices, leading to more intense debates about its battle with BGMI.

3) Availability

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As mentioned earlier, BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, appearing on the scene in 2021 due to the ban on the latter in India last year.

BGMI only has limited users as the game can be accessed by Indians alone. Meanwhile, PUBG New State is accessible worldwide and has amassed over 10 million downloads within a month.

2) Glitches and bugs

We have made 'Game Control', 'Lag' and 'Optimization' as our top priority.We plan to gradually fix the bugs that haven't been resolved in this week's hotfix.Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for playing PUBG: NEW STATE.

Although Krafton promised that PUBG New State would be the game to look forward to in the coming years, users worldwide faced many glitches and bugs during the initial days of the game's release.

From login errors to issues in collecting rewards and bugs in character display to microphone glitches, PUBG New State saw it all. This has led to a lot of gamers shifting back to their favorite game, BGMI.

1) Hackers

Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans,Cheaters have no place in BGMI and in order to provide a fair gameplay environment to our players.#battlegroundsmobileindia#bgmi

The 1.6 update of BGMI witnessed the rise of hackers in-game. From speed hacks to bullet cheats and wall hacks, cheaters have covered it all. Gamers and content creators were left frustrated with the increase of hackers in the game.

However, PUBG New State arrived without any hackers, which was an instant attraction to gamers. This has meant the PUBG New State vs BGMI debate has accelerated, as though the latter's 1.7 update has promised a tighter security system leading to a lot more bans, hackers are still prevalent in-game.

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