Disguised Toast reveals that he was "kicked" from OfflineTV's Rust server and has no plans on returning 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja

Jeremy Wang, better known as Disguised Toast, recently revealed that he will no longer be a part of OfflineTV's Rust server.

While streaming with Kkatamina and some other creators, Toast held an impromptu Q&A session where he answered a question about his impending return to the OfflineTV house where most of his close friends live.

The Canadian streamer gave a rather unsettling reaction which prompted a question from Kkatamina.

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Disguised Toast answered the question and revealed that he won't be going back to the house as he had been "kicked" from the server.

This is what he said:

“Yeah, I am not going back. They kicked me.”

Viewers of the Rust server will definitely miss his presence on the server on account of him being one of the most popular streamers on the platform.

Disguised Toast answers more questions from the chat

The Rust server is one of the biggest on the internet and boasts the presence of streamers like Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast and many more. They also have a content house where some members, such as Scarra, Michael Reeves and many more live together.

Disguised Toast was also part of the house but left for Canada a while back. He has been staying in Canada ever since, and contrary to fans opinions, he won't be traveling back and it isn't because of travel restrictions as everyone assumed.

The Among Us streamer revealed that his favorite color is green and pineapple fried rice is his comfort meal.

He also revealed that solving an unsolvable puzzle given by his teacher remains his fondest memory. Finally, he also revealed that if he and his partner ever got abducted and one of them had to kill the other person, Toast wouldn’t hesitate to kill because he wouldn’t want them to live with the guilt of killing him.

“I have thought about this, if there’s a situation where like me and a loved one gets abducted by a killer, and only one gets to live, I will bravely sacrifice the other one, because I know living on with the guilt will be too much.”

Disguised Toast remains one of the wittiest streamers on the internet. His Among Us streams are a perfect amalgamation of logic and humor and don't fail to leave his honest patrons in fits.

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