Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to unlock and craft the cherry blossom DIY recipes 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

The commencement of spring for the players in the Northern Hemisphere in Animal Crossing marks the return of the cherry blossom season.

For the players in the aforementioned region, the season started on April 1st, but players in the Southern Hemisphere will have to wait until October to enjoy the spring festivities.

Regular hardwood trees change to a vibrant pink shade and players will also get to witness the cherry blossom petals falling from the sky. Players can expect to see the most amount of cherry blossom petals from April 7th to April 10th. The season will also introduce new DIY recipes and crafting resources to produce new seasonal items.

Naturally, to craft these seasonal items, Animal Crossing players need to use their net to catch the falling petals.

How to unlock the DIY recipes in Animal Crossing

Over the course of the last year, players have familiarized themselves with the functionality of the DIY recipes. At the start of the cherryblossom season, Isabelle will gift players the Outdoor Picnic Set during her daily announcement. In order to gather other season recipes, players will have to remain vigilant and watch out for balloon presents.

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(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

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During the ten days of the season, any balloon in the sky can contain these DIY recipes. These balloons, much to the benefit of the player, might also contain some rare recipes (even though the chances are low). Animal Crossing players can gather them using their slingshots.

Catching cherry blossom petals to craft seasonal items in Animal Crossing

Although unlocking DIY recipes is a mammoth task in itself, it's still not enough. Players also need to catch cherry blossom petals floating in the air with their nets. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds, as they will disappear if players run into them or take too many attempts to catch them.

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(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

To craft all the seasonal DIY recipes, players will need to catch 86 cherry blossom petals before 10th April.

(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

Following are all the cherry blossom-themed DIY items, including furniture, tools, and accessories, along with the materials required to craft them.

  • Cherry-Blossom Bonsai: 6 cherry-blossom petal, 2 hardwood, 3 clumps of weeds, 3 clay

  • Cherry-Blossom Branches: 8 cherry-blossom petal, 4 tree branch, 5 clay
  • Blossom-Viewing Lantern: 6 cherry-blossom petal, 4 hardwood
  • Cherry-Blossom Clock: 5 cherry-blossom petal, 1 iron nugget
  • Cherry-Blossom Flooring: 10 cherry-blossom petal, 20 clumps of weeds
  • Sakura-Wood Flooring: 5 cherry-blossom petal, 10 wood
  • Cherry-Blossom-Petal Pile: 5 cherry-blossom petal
  • Cherry-Blossom Pochette: 6 cherry-blossom petal
  • Sakura-Wood Wall: 5 cherry-blossom, 10 wood
  • Cherry-Blossom-Trees Wall: 10 cherry-blossom petal, 5 hardwood
  • Cherry-Blossom Umbrella: 7 cherry-blossom petal
  • Outdoor Picnic Set: 10 cherry-blossom petal
  • Cherry-Blossom Wand: 3 cherry-blossom petal, 3 star fragment
  • Cherry-Blossom Pond Stone: 3 cherry-blossom petal, 10 stone

With the spring season in full swing, the aforementioned items will help the Animal Crossing players to decorate their island in the best possible way.

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