Does the new Duskblade in League of Legends Preseason 11 need a new animation when its invisibility procs?

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League of Legends’ season 11 will be seeking to do away with how a lot of items worked in the MOBA in years prior.

Not only did the new League of Legends preseason 10.23 patch introduce an entirely reworked item shop and mythic items, but it also replaced some of the old standard ones with completely new ones. This changed build paths for champions which in turn changed the champion meta entirely.

One mythic item (or rather an old item that has been reworked as a mythic) that was added to the roster is the new Duskblade of Draktharr. It has a passive called Dusk which reads,

“Attacking an enemy champion deals 50-150 (lv 1-18) (+30% bonus Attack Damage) additional physical damage and slows them by 99% for 0.25 seconds (15-second cooldown). When a champion you have damaged within the last 3 seconds is killed, reset this cooldown and gain invisibility for 1.5 seconds.”


It’s the invisibility that makes the weapon so very oppressive in the hands of any capable AD assassin. Shaco, Rengar, Kayne, and Kha’Zix one-tricks are having a field day with the new lethality items. To make matters worse, the Duskblade invisibility animation makes it very hard to keep track of the action during team fights.

In a recent Reddit post, a League of Legends player who goes by the username Asome1997 shines some light on just how problematic the passive’s lack of animation clarity truly is. “Whenever a champion goes invisible due to Duskblade my initial thought is that there has been a graphical bug of some sort,” they wrote.

Surprisingly enough, this is not an isolated opinion on the matter. The number of upvotes that the post got shows how many League of Legends players have been troubled by the new Dusk passive.

League of Legends’ Duskblade needs a new animation during "passive proc"


League of Legends' AD assassins are not the only ones who are abusing the new Dusk mechanic. Champions like Darius have become a menace to deal with when they buy Duskblade as their core mythic item, and the above video just goes to show how confusing the animation for the invisibility passive can be.

Asome1997 goes onto say that,

“Riot don’t seem to like champions immediately going invisible. Rengar ult takes a few seconds, as does Twitch’s, Evelynn’s is proximity-based and Shaco has a physical animation. Meanwhile, Duskblade just instantly makes someone disappear which really lacks clarity and consistency. Personally, I think some animation is needed to bring it more in line.”

The problem with the Dusk passive is not the invisibility itself, and the League of Legends community suggests it’s the lack of animation leading to the invisibility which is the bigger culprit.

A champion instantly going invisible after a kill or assist provides the player an overpowering amount of outplay potential. So, many League of Legends players suggests that adding an invisibility animation will be of tremendous help.

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