Dota 2 Auto Chess: New Wildcard Hero introduced with other game-breaking heroes


When the community was worried that Drodo is focusing too much on the Mobile version, the developers again proved everyone wrong. Dota2 Auto Chess ended the Season 0 and started their Season 1 yesterday.

Dota2 Auto Chess declared the end of their first season and gave a rest day before starting their new season. On the rest day, no rank was updated and everyone played without gaining or losing any rank.

Auto Chess introduced IO as the new wild card hero, IO is a classless elf and can be paired with any class. It can also be used as any hero to upgrade any hero to the next stage. Basically, you got the first blank card of this card game.

IO is a legendary hero but here comes the twist, you don't need to upgrade your courier to buy this legendary hero. Any courier level can buy the hero and use it. Another twist, IO has no specific pool or number of cards. Means everyone can use as many IOs they want without worrying about others picking it before you.

Another hero that was added to the game is Dazzle. Dazzle was missing from the game and finally, it arrived. Dazzle can use shallow grave which will give the selected hero 4-second immortality. With upgrades, Dazzle can cast the spell on multiple heroes at the same time. Sounds pretty game-breaking to me.

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The update also came with a few reworks on heroes and items. Blademail is reworked, now - Reworked Blade Mail gives you +5 Armor, +10 Attack Damage. Active: Damage Return: Duplicates 100% of received damage as pure damage back to the attacking unit. Lasts 4 sec.

Lich was temporarily removed from the game. The hero had the least win rate for over a week now, as a result, Drodo removed Lich from the pool. Instead of giving him buffs and breaking the game, they decided to work on it and then add it back to the game.

Ogres were not far from Lich as he also received the worst win rate in the game. Drodo decided to buff this one instead of removing them all. Instead of +10% max HP for allied Ogres, The new reworked Ogre Two Heads now grant +5% max HP for all allies.

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