Dota 2 Auto Chess: Tricks You Need to Know to make a comeback or calibrate higher

Dota2 Auto Chess
Dota2 Auto Chess
Rounak "FL45H666" Roy

I talked about the Hero-Class combo in the last article and in this one I am going to mention the things most players ignore. Things that can help you make a comeback from any percentage or make you calibrate with a higher rank.

Most player ignores the items and in the game, they have a huge impact. The base function of the items is the same as DOTA with little tweaks or changes. As an example, Void Stone in Dota Auto Chess gives you Mana Regen but the regeneration mechanic is not the same.

#1. Dagon

Dagon is not broken but it can be very "OP". Did you know you could make Dagon? It works really good. Just like Crystalis, you don't need everything to make the dagon, you just need the items of dagon that are available in the game. Give it to a With doctor or Puck, if you have a Mage line-up then it's even better.

#2. Refresher Orb

No joke! You can make refresher Orb in the game. All you need is two Void stone and two rings of health. The hero uses the orb effectively. Give it to a Lycan, he will turn twice.

However, he turns again during Lycan phase so the ultimate does not really work but he spawns 2 more mini lycans so in total its 5 unit from one hero. You can give your refresher orb to Shadow Fiend as well, the two Requiem of Souls is epic.

Also Void Stone grants you increased regeneration during attacking so you gain mana pretty faster which is why SF with Void Stone lands his ultimate in time, mostly in the early phases SF uses his ultimate after the gank his over and his casting time is long as well.

#3. Kaya

Kaya is a very effective item. It lowers the magic immunity of the targeted enemy. Give it to any Mage, if you have a Mage Line-up then it's good. If you don't, pass it to your other heroes that deals magical damage.

So doing all these helps the calibration? Yes, It does. Since making items and using them effectively is part of the game. The tutorial doesn't even mention the item part but it's in the game like an easter egg that you can find and learn only by playing.

Using them effectively requires a higher understanding of the game so yes, it does help the calibration if you are just starting and you already do these things, chances are you will end up in Knight or Bishop and not in Pawn.

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