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Dota 2 Auto Chess: Is Valve taking over Auto Chess and turning it into an Independent Game?

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There was a rumor about Auto Chess being taken over by Valve right after Auto Chess broke all the records. Dota2 Auto Chess has not only evolved as a game but also helped Dota2 gain a lot more online players in recent days. After the Rubick Arcana event and new Ranked Season, the number of active players went down a little and that's when Dota 2 Auto Chess boosted it all the way up.

According to a report by VPEsports, Valve wants to welcome the Dota Auto Chess mod and release it as an Independent title. According to the sources of VPEsports, Valve has been thinking of ways to commercialize the game and has offered a full-fledged development support. I mean we already know what Valve can do with a mod. Just look at their biggest creation ever -- Dota 2.

Currently, Auto Chess has almost 4.5 million subscribers and a very stable player base. The game almost always has over 2 million players playing the game. This is a good enough number for Valve to be interested in and after what happened to Artifact, I am sure they would love to have Auto Chess as an official Valve game.

This also reminds me that last year Valve had announced a million dollar tournament for Artifact but with barely a thousand players playing the game, I don't see it happening. On the other hand, if officialized Auto Chess might become a game that can be a part of the E-sports scene.

The game was hyped and it was appreciated by the entire community. A lot of professional players started streaming the game and it was that time when Auto Chess stole the limelight from Valve's own Artifact. Initially, the game received mixed responses and the negative responses were only from players who did not even play the game.

So now the question is -- why the negative reaction? Apparently it was claimed that because of the popularity of Auto Chess, Dota2 Matchmaking is getting affected as more and more players stopped playing Dota2 and started playing Auto Chess.

Auto Chess tournaments seem very realistic at this moment, there are a bunch of players asking about Auto Chess tournaments on Twitter as well. So what's next? Valve's official Auto Chess and a million dollar tournament for it? We will have one E-sports game that's not team-based. Sounds good to me but don't get your hopes up just yet.

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