Dota 2 Heroes: Juggernaut – Complete Hero Guide (Hero Profile and Dota 2 Lore)


Juggernaut or Yurnero is a melee agility based carry hero. His abilities allow him to dive in battles and slash his enemies down while also healing him, making him immune to magic and physical damage. His abilities make him stand out from other Dota 2 heroes.

Juggernaut’s abilities grant him invincibility also magic immunity which makes him a huge threat in team fights or in a one on one situation. Juggernaut’s abilities give a huge offensive and defensive advantage in any situation. His Bladefury and Omni slash deals both physical and magical damage.

A hero with both magical and physical damage, invincibility, magic immunity, and area healing capabilities, sounds broken? Sure, nothing is broken in Dota 2. As his abilities make him a threat he is not too overpowered because his intelligence and strength gain is pretty low. Well, relatively low but looking at his agility gain and abilities, his low intelligence and strength gain is the only thing that keeps him balanced.

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He has low health pool and mana pool and cannot fight one against five or dive in early team fights because of that. He needs to be farmed and that is why he is played as a carry hero.

Dota 2 Hero Lore of Yurnero the Juggernaut:


"No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut. It is the only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurnero was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual and swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero's confidence, and courage are the results of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion."



Juggernaut has 4 abilities. His First ability is Bladefury, it deals magic damage to the enemies and makes him immune from magic damage at the same time. His 2nd ability is Healing ward, he plants a ward near him that heals the surrounding area, it can move and follow ally units. His 3rd ability is Blade Dance, it’s a passive ability that gives him a chance to deal critical damage with each attack. His ultimate ability is Omni Slash, juggernaut jumps on an enemy unit slashing them with his blade as he jumps from one enemy to another if they are inside the area of effect.

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Blade Fury:

“Yurnero's renowned katana techniques are feared by warriors and sorcerers alike.”

Blade Fury causes his sword to spin around him making him immune to magic damage and causing magic damage to enemy units around him.

Cast Animation: 0+0

Radius: 250

Damage per Second: 90/115/140/160 (+Talent tree = 190/215/240/260)

Duration: 5 (+Talent = 6)

Cooldown : 42/34/26/18

Mana cost: 120/110/100/90


1. Does not stop any channeling spells.

2. Applies spell immunity on him for the duration.

3. Juggernaut can use items, other spells, and attack during the time.

4. Omni Slash is inactive during the time and can not be cast.

5. Regular attacks during bladefury deal no damage except to the wards and buildings.

6. However, attacks modifiers like diffusal blade, basher and MKB uses their procs.

7. Cleave deals damage to the aoe even during the spin.

8. Critical strike and lifesteal does not work during the fury spin.

9. Can deal 800 damage at level 4 to a single unit.

10. Can deal 1300 damage with the damage increase talent. Can deal 960 damage with the duration increase talent.

11. Can deal 1560 damage when both talents are chosen.

Healing Ward:

“Of the rituals learned at the Isle of Masks, tending wounds with a bit of voodoo magic has proven to be quite useful.”

Summons a healing ward which heals him and all friendly unit based on their max health. The healing ward lasts 25 seconds and can move around with normal movement speed.

Cast Animation: 0.3+0.47

Cast Range: 350

Radius: 500

Max Health as Heal per Second: 2%/3%/4%/5%

Aura Linger Duration: 2.5

Duration: 25

Cooldown: 60

Mana cost: 140


1. After being summoned the healing ward follows Juggernaut if no other command is given.

2. The heal is provided by aura. The healing buff lingers for 2.5 seconds.

3. The healing is in the form of health regeneration so it heals 0.2%/0.3%/0.4%/0.5% of maximum health in 0.1 second interval.

4. Health regen bonuses that are based on maximum health are not amplified by strength.

5. Healing auras of multiple healing ward do not stack.

6. Does not heal wards and buildings.

Blade Dance:

“The last remnant of his heritage's commitment to bladework, Yurnero ensures that the style is remembered.”

Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal critical damage with his every attack.

Proc Chance: 20%/25%/30%/35%

Critical Damage: 180%


1. Increases attack damage by an average of 16%/20%/24%/28%.

2. Procs chances of multiple Critical damage source stacks

3. If Blade Dance and another Critical damage source procs at the same time then the higher multiplier gets the priority.

4. Blade Dance Uses Pseudo random Distribution just like the ultimate of Phantom Assassin.

5. The sound and the animation plays when the attacks begin, not when it lands.

Omni Slash:

"The fruits of discipline; with practice comes strength."

Juggernaut jumps on an enemy unit dealing devastating damage and then jumps on other enemy units near the targeted enemy, slashing them down with his blade while he remains invincible.

Cast Animation: 0.3+0

Cast Range: 350

Slash Radius: 425

Slash Interval: 0.4

Number of Slashes: 3/6/9

Min Damage per Slash: 200

Max Damage per Slash: 225

Cooldown: 130/120/110

Mana Cost: 200/275/350


1. Aghanim’s Scepter increases the number of slashes and decreases the cooldown.

2. Linken’s sphere only blocks the very first slash.

3. Turns Juggernaut Invulnerable and spell immune for the duration.

4. Can’t target or jump on wards, couriers, buildings.

5. Cant target but can jump on ancient creeps.

6. Can’t jump on enemies hidden in the fog of war, invisible units, Tombstone zombies.

7. If no valid enemy target is left then Omni Slash ends immediately.

8. The slash radius is around juggernaut and not around the target.

9. Juggernaut can attack, cast spells and use items during the Omni Slash. However, Blade Fury is muted.

10. Recasting Omni Slash while the duration of first Omni Slash is still on does nothing but costs the mana and cooldown.

11. Centers the camera perspective on juggernaut and follows his position during the slash.

12. Provides 200 radius flying vision around the target, 1 second of vision on each slash.

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