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Dota 2 Heroes: Juggernaut – Complete Hero Guide (Hero Profile and Dota 2 Lore)

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Modified 03 Oct 2018, 12:51 IST
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Juggernaut or Yurnero is a melee agility based carry hero. His abilities allow him to dive in battles and slash his enemies down while also healing him, making him immune to magic and physical damage. His abilities make him stand out from other Dota 2 heroes.

Juggernaut’s abilities grant him invincibility also magic immunity which makes him a huge threat in team fights or in a one on one situation. Juggernaut’s abilities give a huge offensive and defensive advantage in any situation. His Bladefury and Omni slash deals both physical and magical damage.

A hero with both magical and physical damage, invincibility, magic immunity, and area healing capabilities, sounds broken? Sure, nothing is broken in Dota 2. As his abilities make him a threat he is not too overpowered because his intelligence and strength gain is pretty low. Well, relatively low but looking at his agility gain and abilities, his low intelligence and strength gain is the only thing that keeps him balanced.

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He has low health pool and mana pool and cannot fight one against five or dive in early team fights because of that. He needs to be farmed and that is why he is played as a carry hero.

Dota 2 Hero Lore of Yurnero the Juggernaut:

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"No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut. It is the only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurnero was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual and swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero's confidence, and courage are the results of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion."

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Published 02 Oct 2018, 15:54 IST
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