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Dota 2 News: Team Aster Made it to the ESL Hamburg after a Re Match

186   //    06 Oct 2018, 15:57 IST

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In another previous article, I already mentioned how interested we are to check out Team Aster as the team has a huge amount of potential of doing some damage in the Professional Dota2 scene. 

The Grand Final between Team Aster and Newbee was going well. In fact, by the game 4 Team Aster was already declared as the clear winner, and the team was all ready to join the eleven other team at the ESL ONE Hamburg. That is the moment when the administrative decision came in, and they rescheduled the game 4.

The problem was with Team Aster and something they did. According to the official statement of ESL ASIA, two members of Team Aster swapped their account. Before the game 4 was started Team Aster paused the game and Fenrir kept playing on the Earth Shaker while Xxs the offlaner took the position 5 Winter Wyvern.

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ESL’s decision was accepted by both the teams and the map was re-played on October 5.

The series ended with the final score of 3:2 and Team Aster emerged victoriously. Team Aster managed to take the final spot at the ESL One Hamburg 2018. Even after the re-match at the China qualifier final due to account swapping did not stop Team Aster. Team Aster was formed by the legendary player Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei in September 2018. The team started a dream run at the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifier. They did finish third at the Kuala Lumpur qualifier, but they also did put up a huge fight against the big Chinese powerhouses, and that was the time I knew we do need to keep an eye on them. While Newbee is struggling to find their form back Team Aster despite being a new team is emerging as the new powerhouse of the region.