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Dota 2 Pro Circuit: Points System Updated Prior To Kuala Lumpur Major

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Before the new DPC season starts, Valve stepped in and announced the new DPC system. The 2017-2018 season was the first year of DPC system and changes were bound to come as it was new. Valve announced the new DPC system right before the new season of 2018-2019. This DPC point system will be live from Kuala Lumpur Major.

The main change in the DPC system will be the number of points given out to teams, also the distribution percentage. In the new DPC system, the Major will now have a point pool of 15,000 while last year the point pool was 1500. Minors will now have a point pool of 500 while last year it was 300 points. All the teams participating will receive a percentage of the total point pool based on their standings in the tournament board.

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A first-place finish in a Major will now give 1200 points while winning a Minor will be worth 120 points. This change in the point system and the huge difference between the Major and the Minor point pool is a clear indication that the system favors the teams that play more Majors. It will be tough or next to impossible to qualify for the International through Minors. The winners of the Minors will receive a spot in the Majors, So now Minors are a gateway to Majors where you can earn some serious point to qualify for The International 2019.

Another change is “No Direct Invite Rule”. Tournament organizers will keep two qualifier spot per region and one spot for the Minor winner. Valve even announced that DPC point will not be the only factor while deciding the Regional Qualifier invites but they have not disclosed the criteria yet.

Valve have disclosed the amount of point they will be given out based on the tournament standings.

For Majors, which are 16-team double-elimination, the point distribution is as follows (assuming a $1M prize pool):

15.000 DPC points will be awarded to the participating teams in the Major tournament. The first place will receive 4.950 DPC points. 2nd place 3.000 DPC, 4th place 1.350 DPC points, 5th-6th place 900 DPC, 7th-8th place 450 DPC, 9th-12th place 150 DPC and 13th-16th place 75 DPC.

For Minors the point distribution will be:


First Place - 120 Points. Second Place - 100 points. Third Place - 90 points. 4th Place 70 points. Fifth and Sixth Place - 40 points and Seventh and Eighth Place 20 points.

Points are now earned by teams. Players don’t earn the point anymore so a roster change will not affect the teams' DPC standing.

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