Dota 2 TI10: For the first time in four years, OG is in the lower bracket of The International

Can OG pull off a run through the lower brackets of TI10? (Image via OG)
Can OG pull off a run through the lower brackets of TI10? (Image via OG)

Team Secret cruised over OG in round one of the upper bracket matches of Dota 2 TI10. This means the two-times back-to-back TI winners are down in the lower bracket for the first time since TI7.

Sometimes, you just gotta take out the trash yourself.Top 6 secured.#SecretDota #TI10

The lower bracket is a scary place where teams not only have to fight their opponents in Dota 2 but also have to face the fear of elimination from the biggest tournament of the year. This undeniably makes OG fans anxious for the rest of TI10.

While Team Secret’s potential was known to all, their feat of clean sweeping OG 2-0 from the upper bracket is still a significant upset in the books of a large section of Dota 2 fans.

Team Secret beats OG 2-0 in the upper bracket round one of Dota 2 TI10 main stage

The best-of-three series was one of the most anticipated ones on the first day of the TI10 main event. OG and Team Secret both have a pretty rich history when it comes to professional Dota 2. Team Secret captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov is the only player to have appeared in all 10 TIs. OG, on the other hand, has the legacy of unprecedentedly winning two TIs back-to-back.


The first match of the series saw nail-biting action as OG picked a high-tempo lineup against Team Secret’s late-game-focused draft. However, OG failed to capitalize on their early-game strength. As the Dota 2 match approached mid to late game, the Morphling-Earthshaker combo of Team Secret coupled with Nisha’s stellar Ember Spirit became too much to handle for OG.

The second match of the series, on the other hand, was an absolute stomp by Team Secret. Team Secret’s tri-core of Ursa, Tinker, and Magnus steamrolled over the side of OG, right from the laning stage, and wrapped up the game in less than 28 minutes.

What’s next for OG and Team Secret in Dota 2 TI10

With the victory secured over OG, Team Secret will face Invictus Gaming in round two of the upper brackets of Dota 2 TI10 main stage. The winner of that series will progress to the upper bracket final of the tournament.

OG will face the winner between Quincy Crew and Team Aster in round two of the lower brackets of the tournament. While winning that series means survival in the lower bracket, defeat means elimination.

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