Dr Disrespect accidentally makes a surprise return on Twitch

Dr Disrespect recently made an appearance on Twitch after nearly an entire year (image via BoomTv, Twitch)
Dr Disrespect recently made an appearance on Twitch after nearly an entire year (image via BoomTv, Twitch)
Aryan Mehta

Former Twitch star, Dr Disrespect, who was banned from the platform in June 2020, recently made a reappearance on the platform that no one was expecting.

As part of the Code Red Warzone tournament that took place on April 26th, 2021, Dr Disrespect made an appearance on the stream as part of a Mountain Dew commercial, which played in its entirety before cutting to an intermission.

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Dr Disrespect makes surprise entrance on Twitch during Warzone tournament stream


As someone who was banned from Twitch in 2020 and has been aggressively kept off the platform by Twitch execs, Dr Disrespect turned heads when he appeared in the commercial for Mountain Dew on the platform.

With Twitch chat claiming "Doc is back," it didn't take long for word to reach broadcaster BoomTV to set the record straight.

β€œIt was an honest mistake. We proactively reached out to Twitch to inform them about the mistake.” - BoomTV

It seems that the incident was completely in error and no potential repercussions have come to the fore yet, as the clip continues to stay up on the platform. As someone who probably had no knowledge of the incident at the time, it is unlikely that Twitch could take any action against Doc himself.

That being said, Twitch's treatment of anything Dr Disrespect related has been harsh since his ban, with a complete ban on his appearance on Twitch partner's streams as well.


With TimTheTatMan completely ruling out playing with Doc, even off stream, it is evident that Twitch is very serious about keeping Dr Disrespect off their platform by any means necessary.

However, even with Twitch's best efforts to scrub the gaming personality off of their platform, simple human error brought him back for a brief 30 seconds before vanishing once again.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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