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Dr Disrespect comes up with new idea for Warzone Gulag

Image Via Dr Disrespect/YouTube: Dr Disrespect comes up with a new idea for Warzone
Image Via Dr Disrespect/YouTube: Dr Disrespect comes up with a new idea for Warzone
Modified 31 Dec 2020, 00:15 IST

Dr Disrespect brought up the idea of a new Gulag option within Warzone in a recent stream. The idea could be a big game changer if it's implemented.

It's no surprise that Dr Disrespect has yet another idea for Warzone. He's known to give his input on game design from time to time in a way that he thinks will make the game better. For Warzone, Dr Disrespect's new idea involves the Gulag.

Doc proposed adding a way to buy a second attempt at the Gulag, and he suggested that it should cost around 20,000. Like many other upgrades or items in Warzone, the extra Gulag attempt would be made available in the buy stations scattered across the map.

Dr Disrespect's idea of a second Gulag attempt in Warzone

For many, the idea of another Gulag attempt is likely very appealing. For others, it's the last thing they would want. It will always depend on the place and perspective of the player in that game.

One of the major concerns of adding in a second Gulag attempt is how much support there is to stay alive already. Buy stations provide a lot of support, which can include armor, plenty of killstreaks, and ammo to stock up on.

Most importantly, it already provides the ability to but players back in group game modes, and self-revives regardless of the party size. That means there are plenty of chances to come back into the game.

Because of the multiple chances to come back into the game, including the base attempt at the Gulag, Dr Disrespect's Warzone idea may be tougher than expected.


Considering how easy it is to die fast in a solo game though, the idea could be fantastic for that specific mode. Self-revives aren't as valuable in a solo game of Warzone, and buy backs are unavailable. Allowing players to purchase that extra Gulag could give solo players extra chances that they didn't have before.

The last issue with the Gulag purchase would be the fact that the Gulag closes in the later circles of a Warzone match. $20,000 is a lot to ask for at a buy station, so it would have to be worth it. Players would likely feel ripped off if they bought the item and never got to use it.

Regardless, it would be interesting to see the idea from Dr Disrespect implemented into Warzone. Maybe Infinity Ward will comment on the possible feature in the future.

Published 31 Dec 2020, 00:15 IST
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