Dr. Mundo will be the only rework in League of Legends season 11

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2021 is not shaping up to be a good year for VGU updates and champion reworks in League of Legends.

Not only did Riot Games confirm that season 11 will be limited to one VGU update, which is going to be Udyr, but it seems that Dr. Mundo’s rework will be the only kit overhaul in the game.

The developers will be slowing down the VGU schedule for now because they have to prioritize “new champions on the roadmap.”

Riot Games previously promised to do two reworks in season 11 like in the previous year with Fiddlesticks and Volibear,

However, due to a delayed schedule because of COVID-19, the League of Legends VGU team will need to postpone some of the reworks and VGU updates to 2022.

League of Legends season 11 will only see a Dr. Mundo rework

In a recent Reddit post, the League of Legends player who goes by the handle of Bombkirby talked about how the publisher is only planning to launch one VGU in season 11.

League of Legends’ lead champion designer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Miracles replied in the thread by saying,

“The reason we had to delay the 2nd VGU from this year to 2022 specifically is because we couldn't really delay other new champs in the roadmap. We had already planned the Return of the Ruined King story, and as I mentioned in the SS blog the next 3 champs are also all related to the story of Viego's return.”
“When Covid hit and affected our schedule it would have been very difficult to delay Viego who we were already making a SS CG for (Which takes a long time to make) but also the 3 new champs after him were interconnected with his story. All champs before those 4 were already in production so cutting them would be a lot more painful than delaying something that had barely just started.”

2020 messed up a lot in Riot Game’s schedule in League of Legends, WIld Rift, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra. Fans will be hoping that the developers can bring their road map on track as soon as possible.

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