6 Essential gamplay tips for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ: 6 Essential gameplay tips (Image via Bandai Namco)
Dragon Ball FighterZ: 6 Essential gameplay tips (Image via Bandai Namco)

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game with an evergreen fanbase and has been cemented itself as the premier versus fighters to get into.

Being a versus fighter, it tends to be a little harder to get into and learn than other traditional fighters and has often been stereotyped as overwhelming and chaotic. However, the game, just like every fighting game, has a well-defined skill requirement, and in the end, only the best players win.

This guide will go into 6 essential gameplay tips for Dragon Ball FighterZ that can help newcomers drastically improve their gameplay.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: 6 Essential gameplay tips

6) Don’t mash buttons and play neutral carefully

It is very easy to feel overpowered in training and arcade mode, as simply pushing buttons can carry the player to victory. Dragon Ball FighterZ because of its fast pace, seems to mislead more players than usual into this line of thinking.

Learning movement and attack discipline is essential to respect the opponent and win matches online in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Refrain from hitting buttons and try to attack the opponent by reading their movements and understanding when it’s safe

5) Learn other movement options and do not spam Super Dash

Beginners in Dragon Ball FighterZ love Super Dashing their way into attack range. On average, and any above-average level of play, Super Dashing will be actively scouted by opponents and punished accordingly.

Super Dashes are safest when used to string combos, and in general, should be avoided raw. The player has a higher chance of getting close to the opponent by properly using jumps, air-dashes, and vanishes.

4) Learn to instant air dash

Instant air dashes are essential to mixing up and crossing up the opponent in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The act of getting in the air and up-close is incredibly effective in surprising opponents and scoring overheads.

Instant air dashes can also let the player cross up the opponent and trick them into blocking the wrong direction. Getting a hang of instant air dashing is essential to reinforce the offense.

3) Learn to anticipate Dragon Rushes and mix in your own

Dragon Rushes are what other fighters would call throws. In Dragon Ball FighterZ they also have the unique feature of launching the opponent into the air, allowing the player to score a free combo if performed on the ground.

It is important to learn when Dragon Rushes can be integrated into the player’s block string or when the opponent would try to integrate it into theirs. Being able to do so diversifies offense in Dragon Ball FighterZ and also allows teching throw-hungry opponents.

2) Learn how to use assists and when to tag out

Certain combos and punishes in Dragon Ball FighterZ are only enabled by switching out characters or using their assists. It’s undoubtedly the biggest wall to cross for newcomers of versus game, as it requires players to develop a game sense of sorts to execute consistently.

The very first boundary to cross is to start using switches and assists so in the beginning, it’s perfectly fine to simply mash it out and get it done. Until the player becomes constantly aware of this tool in the character’s arsenal it is pointless to try and get into the more advanced details of assists.

1) Avoid using auto-combos and instead focus on confirming BnB combos

Dragon Ball FighterZ allows players to combo using a single button. Upon confirming a light attack, it is possible to do a full combo composed entirely of lights. The problem is that these combos are extremely low damage and incredibly hard to connect with competent opponents.

The first step to being able to throw damage out in the game is learning bread and butter combos for the characters and doing them consistently. Being able to do them consistently depends on the player's ability to confirm them with raw hits.

And so if there are two steps to making an offense successful: the first would be to increase the likelihood that a hit will connect with good block strings and well-placed raw hits. The second would be to use hits to confirm combos.

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