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Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship planned alongside updates to the game

(Image Credit: @DbsHype)
(Image Credit: @DbsHype)
Modified 20 Aug 2020

Many fighting games have planned updates both in the form of new content and patches to improve their gameplay. It's all meant to coincide with the cancelled Evo 2020 tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic. With a build-up of content and no obvious event to announce it at, many companies have moved to running their own events to support their games. For Dragon Ball FighterZ that means a new tournament series and some much-needed updates.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: A game for fans and the fighting game community alike

Arc System Works has accomplished something special with Dragon Ball FighterZ. They managed to make a game that appeals both to fans and to members of the highly competitive fighting game community, and did so in a way that doesn’t compromise either group.

The game is complex enough to have developed in-depth strategies for competitive players to learn and improve upon while remaining simple enough that someone who has never played a fighting game before can pick it up and enjoy the incredibly wild world of Dragon Ball.

But it looks like there’s hope for people interested in watching Dragon Ball FighterZ played at a top level, as Arc System Works has planned the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship. This real-life tournament arc will feature 8 players chosen from five national regions, all competing to see who their region’s best fighters are.

Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship: Regions and schedule


The five regions selected to host a National Championship event are Japan, France, Spain, USA East and USA West. The trend of moving big in-person events to a virtual space is something that has been seen in every competitive community that can support it so far, as COVID-19 unifies communal responses even as it divides us.

The tournaments will take place from September through to December. The 8 selected players will play in a round-robin tournament, with the 4 best performers moving on to the playoffs for each region.

Other updates to Dragon Ball FighterZ

With how much more important online play has become for sustaining these games, many fighting game companies are beginning to look into how they can improve their netplay. Although Tomoko Hiroki, a producer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, stated that implementing updated netcode might be too difficult at this time, she did mention a plan to address rage quitting.

Until the next planned community event, however, further information is being kept under wraps. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for additional update.

Published 20 Aug 2020, 00:30 IST
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