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DrDisrespect turns up the heat in Warzone tournament

(Image Credits: DrDisrespect, Youtube)
(Image Credits: DrDisrespect, Youtube)
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 15 Sep 2020, 19:12 IST

DrDisrespect, one of the finest examples of a professional video game player, showed why he is 'the best in the business', yet again. The 'Two-Time' is usually humble with his approach, but he has been a circumstantial victim of misfortune lately.

Doc was one of the most-watched Twitch streamers across the globe. Some might even argue that he was the face of Twitch. After Ninja and Shroud moved to Mixer, Doc stayed loyal to the platform, which ended up in vain.

DrDisrespect was permanently banned from Twitch without any proper reason. The 'Two-Time' decided to return to the streaming business after a month-long hiatus. 

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The Two-Time returns to the streaming business

He started live streaming on YouTube, and for his return stream, he pulled off a masterplan. He didn't even have to show his face, and the numbers kept trickling in. The figures proved how DrDisrespect was still a revered personality in the gaming community.  

However, after returning to YouTube, Doc wasn't having the best time either. He opened up about his anxiety issues, and it was quite apparent that he isn't doing too well with the ban. 


Nevertheless, there is one thing the world knows about Doc; he never gives up, no matter how bleak the situation is. He was not allowed to play with his friends, who are Twitch streamers, and this affected him deeply.

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DrDisrespect avenging his defeats in Vikkstar Warzone Showdown

Regardless of all the hardships, Doc decided to keep going as he teamed up with streamers from different platforms. He finally found a partner to team up with in Call Of Duty Warzone. 

Zlaner from Facebook Gaming became Doc's new teammate. They took part in the Vikkstar Warzone Showdown. Interestingly, this was the first time these two partnered up for a tournament. 

The first two weeks of the tournament did not end well for Doc, as they incurred consecutive defeats. They did not even make it beyond the 1st round in the Losers brackets. 

The streamer was quite disappointed in himself and his performance altogether. He vowed to take revenge in the third week, and that he did, quite fashionably. 

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Doc takes down Nadeshot in Warzone

Image Credits: DrDisrespect Youtube
Image Credits: DrDisrespect Youtube

DrDisrespect and Zlaner progressed to Round 2 in the Winners Bracket. However, the real fight started in the Losers bracket, as Doc went head to head against Nadeshot. 

Doc and Nadeshot are two of the most experienced COD players in the circuit. The match was intense, but it took a turn when Nadeshot died. DrDisrespect and Zlaner automatically progressed.

Nadeshot called Doc on his flip phone to express his rage. In all fairness, DrDisrespect and Zlaner showed a lot of coordination in all the matches.

Hopefully, by the next week, they can emulate the same form in the Winners Bracket. As of now, the silver lining is finally palpable for DrDisrespect. 

Published 15 Sep 2020, 19:05 IST
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