Pokimane gets called out for being a hypocrite and 'clout chaser' after her Vtube debut

Pokimane, the Vtuber
Pokimane, the Vtuber

Much has been said about Pokimane and the range of controversies she has founder herself in recently. The 24-year-old streamer, who has one of the most loyal fan communities of today, has often been criticized by several people on the internet.

She was recently blamed by her critics when one of the most popular YouTubers, Leafy, was banned from the platform.

This is because the kind of accusations that were laid on Leafy by YouTube, were eerily similar to what Pokimane's fans had been alledging. However, Pokimane had come out and said that she had nothing to do with the ban.

These events occurred when she was on a month-long hiatus. Pokimane then returned to social media to post an apology video, and then went back to it again. She made another return that wasn't as well-received as one would expect, before making another major announcement.


Pokimane gets called out for being a hypocrite and' clout chaser' after her Vtube debut

We recently reported that Pokimane has announced she will be making her debut as a 'Vtuber.' 'Vtubing' involves the creation of a digital avatar, which effectively does away the need of the streamer to physically show his/her face to viewers.

'Vtubers' have proved to be immensely popular on both Twitch and YouTube.

Some members of the online community were not happy with Pokimane's decision. Various people on Twitter called her out and said that she just wants to make money off it.

Others called her a hypocrite and said that she had previously criticized ItsAGundam for hiding behind a 'digital avatar.' Some accused her of trying to milk money off a popular phenomenon and said that she would cause people to dislike the entire community.

Among the plethora of content creators who posted videos on the matter was Jeremy 'TheQuartering' Habley. In the video that you can see below, he observed all the reasons why people have criticized her for the latest announcement.

TheQuartering said that he understood why people might be angry behind Pokimane's move. The 'Vtube' community is still in its budding stages, and having a controversial streamer who appears to join the trend is certainly not going to be looked at well.

However, he said that given Pokimane's popularity, she is only going to add new viewers to the community, and has done things exactly how 'she should have.' While most people criticized her decision, there were some who praised her for it, as well.

You can watch TheQuartering's video on the matter below.


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