Epic Games Store offers Saints Row IV Re-elected for free - How to redeem, deadline, and more

The popular game has become available on the Epic Games Store (Image via Epic)
The popular game has become available on the Epic Games Store (Image via Epic)

Saints Row IV Re-elected has become the latest premium title that Epic Games Store is offering at no additional cost. This provides a great opportunity for many to experience the cult classic, which comes with all the post-launch content previously added.

The digital store offers premium video games for free every week, which otherwise would have to be bought with real money. From AAA titles to indie sensations, the store offers plenty of games to all its users. It allows many players to regularly try new games and increase their library without having to burn through their wallets.

Saints Row IV Re-elected might not be the latest game since it was released in 2013. However, there's no denying the mad frenzy its content can provide to any fan.

Before playing it at no cost, the first task for all users will be to redeem the title. This can only be done for a limited period, so all those who are interested shouldn't waste too much time.

Saints Row IV Re-elected's offering on the Epic Games Store is an extremely entertaining proposition

The beauty of the Epic Games Store's free offerings is that a member can open a new account and add a game to their library. This makes it even more accessible for new players who not have owned an account there already. Signing up is quite simple, and even comes with the ability to crosslink with others platforms like consoles.

Saints Row 4 is going free on Epic Games next week

Step 1: Once you have created an account, open the store and login into your respective account. Use the same one where you want to redeem the game.

Step 2: The next task is to find Saints Row IV Re-elected. This can be done in a couple of ways. You can scroll down on the home screen, where the free game offers can be found. Alternatively, type the name of the title in the search box and select the correct result.

Step 3: Open the description page of Saints Row IV Re-elected. Click on Get on the right-hand side.

Step 4: Proceed to the next page where the details about the payment mode have to be submitted. Since this is an offer from Epic Games Store, you won't have to pay anything. All you need to do is confirm that the game will be added to your library.

Step 5: Once the game is added to your library, you will be able to keep it permanently. To play the title, download and install it on your device whenever you like.


Enthusiasts will have to redeem the game by December 15 as the available offer will expire post the said date. Anyone willing to get the game after the mentioned date will have to buy it at its full price.

Saints Row IV Re-elected will be entertaining for many players due to the unadulterated fun it offers. It was the last mainstream release before the reboot was released earlier this year.

The Re-elected edition also comes with all 25 DLCs that have been added since the game's release. The special edition provides a complete experience that can now be enjoyed without spending money thanks to the Epic Games Store.

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