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ESL India: A Sneak Peak into Global Esports' Dota 2 Team

Global Esports Dota 2 Team (Image courtesy: GE Instagram)
Global Esports Dota 2 Team (Image courtesy: GE Instagram)
Mayank Vora
Modified 25 Jun 2019

Global Esports Dota 2 team finished third in the Omen by HP ESL India Premiership Masters League 2019 and made it to the Summer Season 2019 LAN finals.

Global Esports Dota 2 Player Roster:

  1. Omkar “PasoLL” Urunkar
  2. Akshay “ZxC” Dhodi
  3. Darshan “A35” Bata
  4. Sahil “Micro” Viradia
  5. Shahbaaz “Pinkman” Hussain  

Sportskeeda had an opportunity to take an interview of the team just before the D-day.

Q1) What is the team's daily routine like?

Omkar “PasoLL” Urunkar: The first thing we usually do is going out for a morning walk together. Following up by Breakfast and also added to it a few players usually play ranked games in the morning and some spectating solo POV of professional players.

Later in the Afternoon we usually have 2 sets of scrims following up with general Team Discussion. Which lasts the entire duration of the day. We also follow a streaming / off time schedule with a day off every week to ensure players don’t feel any burnout. Global eSports ensures that we as players are always both physically and mentally fit and know when to hit the breaks when things get too strenuous. 

Q2) Having qualified for the LAN finals, how have been the preparation been? Is there any pressure on winning the championship?


Omkar “PasoLL” Urunkar: It has been going great. We have been working on few strategies lately. We’re not feeling any pressure, but we’re not going to let that change how hard we’re going to work towards winning!

A35: Preparation has been going really well for the team. We are looking forward for the games, it’s gonna be really fun and a really good experience to play again on stage. I can’t wait to be back to winning on LAN!

Micro: There have been challenges all together but we’re fixing and will overcome it, our preparation for the LAN finals is going well and we are working hard towards it.

ZxC: It’s going pretty good. We have been making strategies accordingly, moving forward as a team with the right attitude.

Hustla: Preparation for the LAN has been going really good, we have been putting a lot of time in studying enemy draft and making counter strategies. Let’s hope for the best. GE is ready.

Q3) According to you, which is the toughest team to face in ESL India Premiership?

PasoLL: Reckoning Esports look extremely strong! We are looking forward to a great match. We’re confident!


A35: Reckoning Esports

Micro: Signify

ZxC: Signify

Hustla: Entity Gaming

Q4) What are the other activities you do to relax and go away from Dota 2?

PasoLL: I enjoy unwinding to music and watching a few tv shows. Sometimes I also enjoy going out with friends. It’s very important to take breaks every once in a while to ensure you don’t burn out.

A35: I thoroughly enjoy playing a game called Osu and I’m also a massive movie buff and enjoy watching a fair share of movies in my spare time! 

Micro: Watch movies, tv shows and in my spare time, I love listening to good music.

ZxC: Usually I watch Anime

Hustla: Most of the time listening lo-fi music,I love listening to lo-fi it helps me calm myself and focus more.

Q5) What is the major difference in Indian Dota 2 players and foreign Dota 2 players?

PasoLL: The understanding of the game and a lack of bonding between the players outside of the game. Indian players don’t like to take responsibility and regardless of how well or poorly Indian players perform, there’s a serious attitude fix required for most of the players.. Without trust a team is nowhere, trust amongst players is what makes a unit. Trust is the most important aspect of a team.

Catch Global Esports' Dota 2 team live in action on 29th June 2019 in the Omen by HP ESL India Premiership Summer Season 2019 LAN Finals.

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