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Everything to know about the Grim Reaper in Valheim

(Image via u/higgscribe)
(Image via u/higgscribe)
Modified 20 Feb 2021

A mysteriously hooded dark character has been haunting players for a while, and some think it is an appearance of the Grim Reaper in Valheim.

This mysterious figure seems to be watching over players from a distance and vanishes without fail every time players try to move closer. However, given that Valheim is set in a Viking-themed surrounding, it is expected that the developers would probably focus the game around Norse mythology.

With that said, it is far more plausible that the mysterious character is rather the all-father, Odin himself. Additionally, the FAQ section on the official Valheim website makes quite a few references to Odin, further proving the point. However, with the game being in early access, there's a lot of content that the developers are still working on.

This mysterious figure could indeed be Odin, who chooses to appear to check on the player's progress for a major task. Nevertheless, until the developers at Iron Gate AB reveal anything about this cloaked figure, the entire scenario remains shrouded in mystery. For all that is known, it could indeed be the Grim Reaper in Valheim.

How to find the Grim Reaper in Valheim

Players in Valheim have scouted and scavenged a lot, however, no one has been able to find a triggering point which summons the mysterious figure. Nevertheless, there are a certain factors which most players have found to be common when it comes to spotting the cloaked character who is rumored to be the Grim Reaper in Valheim.

The mysterious figure as seen in Valheim (Image via u/Alien_effigy)
The mysterious figure as seen in Valheim (Image via u/Alien_effigy)

The factors to be considered are:

  • Players have often reported coming across the dark character either in the meadows or the swamp biome.
  • Defeating any boss in Valheim has also caused the mysterious figure to appear and observe the players from a distance.
  • Trying to find and hunt down animals has resulted in the cloaked character making an appearance. However, this has been the least likeliest of ways to catch a glimpse of this unknown figure.

Meeting these conditions has allowed plenty of players to catch a look of the alleged Grim Reaper in Valheim.

Having said that, there is no guarantee whether a player will be able to spot the Grim Reaper in Valheim or not. However, there's always a chance of finding this mysteriously cloaked character observing the player from a distance while they are roaming in the meadows of Valheim.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 23:25 IST
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