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Everything to know about the League of Legends Demacia Cup 2020

Modified 21 Dec 2020, 12:47 IST

With a brand new season of League of Legends almost upon us, fans will be quite excited to see how their favorite teams stack against the rest of the competition in 2021.

And when it comes to the LPL, what competition is better to gauge the strength of the teams before heading into season 11 than the League of Legends Demacia Cup?

Much like Korea's KeSPA Cup, the Demacia Cup offers a great opportunity for teams to try out new strategies and give their more rookie players a chance to get some stage experience.

It’s the litmus for the teams, and it will give analysts a lot of insights into the power rankings of the newer squads, who were formed during the League of Legends preseason.

There will be a total of 17 LPL teams participating in the League of Legends Demacia Cup, along with three LDL teams and four amateur rosters.

Now, it’s very likely that an LPL team will be the ones to emerge on top, but there will be a lot of upsets along the way, and a team of rookies might just start to make things more difficult for the veterans.

Teams participating in the League of Legends Demacia Cup 2020


LPL Teams

Bilibili Gaming

  • Top: Demon
  • Jungle: L3EST16 
  • Mid: CLX
  • ADC: Able
  • Support: Xinmo

EDward Gaming

  • Top: Xiaoxiang
  • Jungle: Jiejie
  • Mid: Gori
  • ADC: Hope
  • Support: Xiamu


  • Top: Zs
  • Jungle: H4cker
  • Mid: Irma
  • ADC: Rat
  • Support: Shiuac

FunPlus Phoenix

  • Top: Xiaolaohu
  • Jungle: Tian
  • Mid: Doinb
  • ADC: Lwx
  • Support: Crisp

Invictus Gaming

  • Top: Neny
  • Jungle: Xun
  • Mid: Rookie
  • ADC: Puff
  • Support: Baolan

JD Gaming

  • Top: Zoom
  • Jungle: Kanavi
  • Mid: Xiye
  • ADC: LokeN
  • Support: LvMao

LGD Gaming

  • Top: Cult
  • Jungle: Flora
  • Mid: Limpid
  • ADC: Garvey
  • Support: Peace

LNG Esports

  • Top: M1kuya
  • Jungle: Tarzan
  • Mid: Icon
  • ADC: Light
  • Support: Iwandy

Oh My God

  • Top: New
  • Jungle: Aki
  • Mid: Bright
  • ADC: Eric
  • Support: cold

Rogue Warriors

  • Top: Ziv
  • Jungle: Haro
  • Mid: Forge
  • ADC: Betty
  • Support: Qiuqiu

Royal Never Give Up

  • Top: Xiaobai
  • Jungle: Wei
  • Mid: Cryin
  • ADC: Gala
  • Support: Ming


  • Top: Bin
  • Jungle: SofM
  • Mid: Angel
  • ADC: Huanfeng
  • Support: On

Team WE

  • Top: Breathe
  • Jungle: Beishang
  • Mid: Shanks
  • ADC: Jiumeng
  • Support: Missing

Top Esports

  • Top: 369
  • Jungle: Karsa
  • Mid: Knight
  • ADC: Jackeylove
  • Support: Yuvanjia

TT Gaming

  • Top: Chelizi
  • Jungle: VV
  • Mid: Sky
  • ADC: Cherub
  • Support: Teeen

Vici Gaming

  • Top: Cube
  • Jungle: Aix
  • Mid: FoFo
  • ADC: iBoy
  • Support: Maestro

Victory Five

  • Top: Langx
  • Jungle: Weiwei
  • Mid: Mole
  • ADC: Y4
  • Support: Ppgod

LDL Teams

Shu Dai Xiong Gaming

  • Top: Zaza
  • Jungle: Yanxiang
  • Mid: Duye
  • ADC: Kepler
  • Support: Shadow

Legend Esport Gaming

  • Top: Shanji
  • Jungle: Haonan
  • Mid: Novice
  • ADC: Chelly
  • Support: Cerasus

Young Miracles

  • Top: Qingtian
  • Jungle: Famingjia
  • Mid: Fangyuan
  • ADC: Xing
  • Support: Ke

Amateur Teams


  • Top: Thh
  • Jungle: Geju
  • Mid: Jichao
  • ADC: Shiye
  • Support: Linjie


  • Top: Yuurih
  • Jungle: Jasmine
  • Mid: Ziyu
  • ADC: Leon
  • Support: Yyc


  • Top: Lain
  • Jungle: Chuyu
  • Mid: Lye
  • ADC: Zholly
  • Support: Miz


  • Top: Ugety
  • Jungle: Xhow
  • Mid: Haichao
  • ADC: Flipped
  • Support: Jwei

Schedule and format of the League of Legends Demacia Cup 2020


The League of Legends Demacia Cup starts today, December 21st, at 9 pm CT. However, the broadcast of the event will begin a bit earlier, as both the English and Chinese broadcasting teams will take a closer look at the participating line-ups and predict who will be taking home the cup.

The League of Legends Demacia Cup will go on for six days and end on December 27th. And out of the 24 participating teams, only four LPL rosters will get a bye to the quarterfinals, and they are Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning, and LGD Gaming.

The rest of the 20 League of Legends teams will be divided into four groups of five teams each, and each of the matches during the group stage will be a best-of-one.

However, all the matches in the bracket stage will be a best-of-five, and it is here that the real mettle of the qualifying teams will be tested.

How to catch the League of Legends Demacia Cup?

League of Legends fans will be able to catch their favorite teams duking it out in the Demacia Cup 2020 through TheScore Esports’ official Twitch and YouTube broadcasts. For Chinese viewers, Tencent will have its own live stream as well.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 12:40 IST
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