Manchester City collaborating with FaZe Clan for exclusive Fortnite event  

Image via Epic Games, Manchester City, & FaZe Clan
Image via Epic Games, Manchester City, & FaZe Clan

Fortnite Pelé Cup has brought collabs from over 20 Football clubs, Manchester is one of them, and they now have a FaZe Cup.

Manchester City is beaming with pride to be apart of this historic cup. They've even published news of it on their official club page. What is strange is that this new competition comes the day directly after the Pelé Cup, and it's "featuring Fortnite" instead of being sponsored by or produced by or anything to that degree.

It had to have been done with Epic Games' consent and help. Otherwise, none of the rankings would work. Interestingly, Epic Games has made no mention of the new kickoff set, emotes, or anything related to the FaZe Cup as of writing this article. It may be that Epic Games is letting FaZe and Manchester City focus while Fortnite has its eyes on the Pelé Cup.

The FaZe Cup notably has it's own marketing campaign and has been spread alongside the Pelé Cup. This may confuse some players but note that the FaZe Cup releases on January 21st, one day after the Pelé Cup.

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Fortnite Pelé Cup said to add Manchester outfit faster

If anyone participates in the Pelé Cup, Epic Games has stated that it is likely they will receive the club outfits faster. What this means is still to be stated by Fortnite itself, but if that clue is anything to go by, maybe the outfits will be free to participants.

The FaZe Cup has offered their winner a free kickoff set, which looks pretty nice.

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Why there are two separate cups has not been answered, but it seems likely that part of the deal for Manchester to join Epic Games in their Pelé Cup was this FaZe Cup. Manchester City has been known to partner with FaZe so this might be a partnership that will continue to have more exclusive content amongst themselves.

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