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Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft 'Phil Spencer' on how he deals with rich people wanting a free Xbox

Phil Spencer recently appeared on the
Phil Spencer recently appeared on the 'Dropped Frames' talk show.
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Modified 30 Oct 2020, 18:59 IST

Recently, we talked about the Xbox Series X ‘fridge’ that Microsoft decided to send to Snoop Dogg for the celebrity’s birthday. While Microsoft does not have a tendency to send free ‘consoles’ and other gifts regularly, Snoop Dogg’s case was a tad different.

Phil Spencer, who is the executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, was recently seen explaining the situation. Spencer featured in a recent episode of the weekly talk show ‘Dropped Frames’, that airs on John Paul “ itmeJP” McDaniel’s Twitch channel.

The show’s other hosts are CohhCarnage, whose real name is Ben, and Ezekeil III, whose real name is Zeke. Apart from Snoop Dogg’s birthday gift, Phil Spencer was also asked about how Microsoft reacts whenever ‘rich’ celebrities ask for free consoles.

Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft 'Phil Spencer' on how he deals with rich people wanting a free Xbox

Talking about Snoop Dogg’s Xbox Series X ‘fridge’, Phil Spencer waived his hand and said the following.

“Snoop has been with us for a long time. Like, people who followed us, they know. Snoop has been with us for a long time.”
Image Credits: itmeJP, Twitch
Image Credits: itmeJP, Twitch

Phil Spencer basically confirmed that the rules that apply to Snoop Dogg do not apply to most other streamers on the platform. However, as far as other ‘rich personalities’ are concerned, Phil explained that he has a rather simple way of dealing with their demands.

“I will say, the amount of free stuff that rich people want is crazy. So what I tell them when they ask me, is I say. “Hey, I sent your free Xbox to the boys and girls club and (then) I send them a link to the store from where they can buy one. I mean, you know, rich people want a lot of free stuff.”

Saying this, Microsoft’s Vice President of gaming burst into laughter. However, the approach makes a lot of sense, and Phil went on to talk about why exactly Microsoft is so reluctant to send free consoles to these famous people.

“I want the consoles to go where they should go. I will just leave it at that.”

Needless to say, the hosts of the ‘Dropped Frames’ talk show were impressed. You can watch the entire incident in the video below.

Published 30 Oct 2020, 18:59 IST
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