F1 24 Driver Career, Accolades, Two-player Career details revealed

F1 24 Driver Career details revealed (Image via EA Sports || Codemasters)
F1 24 Driver Career details revealed (Image via EA Sports || Codemasters)

F1 24 is nearing its release date, and with the upcoming racing sim's launch being just a month away, EA Sports and Codemasters have finally revealed key details regarding the game's career modes. Much like the previous F1 titles from the latter developer, this one will feature a detailed single-player Driver Career alongside a host of additional modes.

Compared to F1 23 and F1 22, the Driver Career in the latest game has received major uplifts and a few key changes. The first noticeable difference this time around is the lack of the Breaking Point story mode. This was one of the highlights of the previous two titles but was concluded satisfactorily with F1 23, hence the omission.

The Two-player Career mode has also received some minor improvements and changes, making co-op sessions much more enjoyable and seamless. With all that in mind, here's a detailed look at everything F1 24's Driver Career has to offer.

F1 24 Driver Career and Two-player Career mode details explored

Ditching the previous F1 titles' story format, the Driver Career of the latest F1 title takes it back to the roots, which according to EA Sports and Codemasters, will be an experience that aims to "mirror the challenges drivers face in the real F1 paddock." The new Career mode will allow players to "live the Career of a real driver in more ways than one."

Gamers will get to choose one of 20 stars in the current F1 season as their avatar and step into their shoes. Moreover, you're also going to have the option to start your journey from scratch, as a rookie nobody. This will allow you to climb the ladder of fame and fortune as a talented F1 or F2 racer.

You can also choose from the iconic drivers of F1's history, such as Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher, and play as these racing legends. F1 24's Career mode aims to deliver the perfect role-playing experience while limiting itself to the constraints of the racing genre.

The game also features a Driver Recognition system, which adds weight to every decision players make on and off the track, making the Career mode much more engaging than in previous games. There's also the improved reputation system that affects your avatar's future prospects as a racer and in getting new licenses.

The new Driver Accolades system ties the long-term milestones you earn while playing the game to the driver's real-world achievements in the sport. If you choose to start with a custom character, you will be given a blank slate, with new accolades being granted for every victory or milestone completion.

Lastly, the game boasts some improvements made to the Two-player Driver Career, which you can play with your existing single-player character, whether it be your custom avatar or one of the icons. Additionally, all the single-player Driver progress carries over to the Two-player mode, making it a much more seamless experience.

F1 24 is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2024, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

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