F1 24 stuttering and crashing errors on PC: Possible fixes, reasons, and more explored

Potential fixes for stuttering and crashing errors in F1 24
We look at some potential fixes for stuttering and crashing errors in F1 24's PC version (Image via Codemasters)

Codemasters' latest racing simulation game, F1 24, is one of the most visually impressive games, especially on current-gen consoles and PCs. While the PC port of the title is quite well-optimized, it isn't completely immune to technical issues, with stuttering and crashing errors being quite frequent in its early access version.

F1 24 on PC can often look near photorealistic, thanks to the game's incredible lighting engine, and the superb implementation of ray-tracing. However, for the game's visuals to look that good, you will need a modern PC with a high-end GPU capable of using the game's ray-tracing features.

However, even if you're on a top-end GPU, you aren't completely free of stuttering and crashes. That said, these issues can be fixed by tweaking the game's graphics settings besides a few other external factors.

Here are a few possible fixes for the stuttering and crashing errors in F1 24's PC version.

NOTE: Parts of this article are subjective and reflect the writer's opinions.

Possible fixes for stuttering and crashing errors in F1 24 PC

While F1 24 is technically a cross-gen title, releasing for both previous-gen and current-gen consoles, alongside PC, it does feel like a massive step up in terms of visuals. Although the game's system requirements state an RX 6600XT as the recommended GPU, you will need at least an RTX 3070 or equivalent card to make use of ray-tracing and other advanced features.

Similar to last year's F1 title, F1 24 also suffers from uneven framerates and stuttering, especially if you're on a lower-end CPU. Thankfully, there are plenty of options in the game that can be tweaked to partially eliminate the stuttering issue.

The first setting that I highly recommend turning off is V-sync, which, if you're on a VRR/ Freesync/ G-sync capable monitor, should always be turned off. V-sync essentially helps eliminate tearing in frames, which can be very jarring in a racing game.

However, using V-synch comes at the cost of the game becoming much more unstable, and in rare instances, it can also introduce stuttering. Another setting that helped me eliminate stuttering is the Framerate limiter. Limiting the framerate isn't necessary for most games, especially if you have a VRR display and a good enough CPU.

However, F1 24's EGO engine doesn't work that well at high framerates, and if you're already getting an average of over 60fps, I highly recommend limiting your framerate to either 60 or close to the average framerate you're getting. Doing so helps reduce stress from your CPU, and as a result, keeps it cooler during operation.

Lastly, if you're facing crashing issues, I would recommend lowering Texture streaming, Shadows, Post-processing, and Screen-space reflections, since these settings are tied to VRAM usage. Crashes in F1 titles often occur when you exceed your GPU's VRAM limit, forcing the game to switch to either page file or system memory.

Disclaimer: The fixes provided above serve as possible workarounds and are not guaranteed to work.

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