Fall Guys max party size: What is the lobby limit?

Image Credits: Mediatonic
Image Credits: Mediatonic
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Fall Guys is a new hyper-casual game that has created a lot of buzz in just a few days. The game is developed by Mediatonic, and published by Devolver Digital.

Fall Guys is available for the PS4 and PC platforms. Today, we talk about the maximum party size and the lobby limit in the game.

Fall Guys maximum party size

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers a 4-player co-op system, or party system, where three friends can join the leading player upon being sent an invite. For PC players, an invite to friends can be sent by pressing P and selecting whom to invite from the Steam friend list. On the PlayStation, players can invite friends to the party by pressing the triangle button on their DualShock 4 controller.

Fall Guys lobby size

Image Credits: Mediatonic
Image Credits: Mediatonic

Fall Guys offers a lobby size of four players. If someone is eliminated, he/she can either return to the lobby or watch others play. A total of 60 players compete with each other over four rounds, and the last round is where a winner is selected.

According to Steam:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness. Leave your dignity at the door and prepare for hilarious failure in your quest to claim the crown!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has amassed millions of players since its launch day. Even the developers were not expecting such good feedback from the community. It recorded 1.5 million players on launch day, which overloaded the game's servers. The devs team is now struggling to maintain the player load, but have started working on expanding the server to avoid overload.

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