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Fallout 76: 5 Things You Need To Know

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348   //    28 Oct 2018, 21:52 IST

WIll Fallout 76 be a buggy mess?
WIll Fallout 76 be a buggy mess?

Bethesda's decision to take Fallout in a different direction and making it into an online-only multiplayer Fallout game took fans by surprise, to say the least. Fans love Fallout for its single player story so it will be interesting to see if Bethesda can give fans something that feels akin to a true Fallout game.

Although Bethesda have said that fans can experience the game alone and have the same experience, it will be interesting to see at launch if that holds true.

#5 Chronology

Fallout 76 takes place in 2012, 25 years after the nuclear war that devastated earth. Its set 25 years before any other Fallout game and gives us our earliest glimpse into the world of Fallout yet.

The game sets the player as one of the dwellers of Vault 76 which is the first vault that opened after the war. Set in West Virginia, the player has to explore the world as they take part in both the main storyline and side quests which can either be players alone or with friends.

#4 History of Vault 76

The construction of vault 76 began in 2065 and took 4 years to complete. It was officially unveiled in 2076 on the tercentenary of the United States. Unlike other vaults, 76 was one of the seventeen control vaults and used to compare the results from other experimental vaults.

The day Vault 76 opened, in the year 2102, was known as 'Reclamation Day'. The opening took place 5 years after the originally intended release date.

#3 Bethesda have warned of bugs

Although beloved, Bethesda games are known to launch with bugs and it looks like Fallout 76 will be no different. Bethesda have already warned of "spectacular bugs" ahead of launch although not that many game breaking bugs were revealed by players during first BETA sessions.

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