Fallout 76 News: Bethesda under fire again from fans with bigger resolution support

Bethesda and Fallout 76 continue to disappoint fans
Bethesda and Fallout 76 continue to disappoint fans

It's a new week, so it's time for Bethesda fans to be upset again. Between the multiple glitches and bugs and the Nylon Bag fiasco, the company had a hard time as Fallout 76's latest patch brought with it support for 21:9 resolution.

At least, that was the intended plan. Sadly for the company, players have revealed some issues with the latest patch. On Reddit, it was revealed that what they got wasn't true 21:9 resolution. Redditor AbheekG1 revealed yesterday that the 21:9 fix is in fact just a change to the INI file, basically stretching the 16:9 aspect ratio to fit the wider resolution.

Looking at the pictures AbheekG1 provided, you can see that the text and menu options are enlarged in a weird way, and called out Bethesda for claiming to take extra time to make sure the animations weren't broken by the transition only to find out that the water animation is now broken.

Further, you said that you had to take extra care with the 21:9 fix to ensure no animations are broken, yet please refer to the last picture wherein the water animation is completely broken now, never saw that before!

This isn't great news for Bethesda, who just recently got back in the good graces of their fans by promising to send Fallout 76 Special Edition owners the canvas bags originally promised, only for that to fall through when the personal information for those customers was accidentally released.

Bethesda's 2018 has finished up rather poorly, and with the continued outrage and disappointment of fans in Fallout 76, it's unlikely that the outrage will stop anytime soon. However, with Rage 2 and two Wolfenstein games coming out in 2019, it's possible that the company can win back their fans over the next twelve months.

What do you think of the latest Fallout 76 controversy? Let us know in the comments below.

Edited by Raunak J
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