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Fallout 76 News: New PvP "Survival Mode" Beta Coming

Gautam Nath
112   //    25 Jan 2019, 07:00 IST

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Bethesda has announced that Fallout 76 will be releasing a new game mode called "Survival". Players will have the option to choose Survival or Adventure when they open the Fallout 76 application. Bethesda has confirmed that they are working on it and they are planning to release the beta by March. There are still some stepping stones they need to work on.

Survival Mode is exactly the same as the main game / Adventure mode, where players can play the same quests, events and stories. The difference in the game mode is that it will be PvP, meaning that you will be playing the game while other human players are playing alongside you. It is "Survival" because other players can kill you at a moment's notice, so there is the extra precaution.

Bethesda has confirmed that your characters will be sharing the same progress in both Adventure and Survival modes. You can also create new characters, but you can also continue your progress with the same character you might have played with for months. Any quests, level ups, ammo or loots will be available to your character in both modes.

Players cannot invite each other or join forces either. So you are on your own when navigating the Wasteland. But to keep the playing field fair for players, level scaling will be balanced so that even low level players can attack high level players instead of troll players spawn camping the poor low level players.

But with the additional risk also comes a better reward. If you kill a player, you will be rewarded with double the Caps and you also have a chance to loot their Aid and Junk. Leader boards will also be released to see how well the players are doing in PvP.

However, it is important to note that none of these are set in stone yet as there may be some changes. But at least we know that we're getting a sweet Fallout PvP!