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Fallout76 News: The Power Armor Edition Controversy

93   //    29 Nov 2018, 15:02 IST


This isn't the best time to be a Bethesda fan. In a span of just a month, they have gotten into more controversies than in their entire lifespan.

Just when you think nothing else could go wrong, something else comes up.

This time it's actually related to one of the game's edition which is The Power Armor edition. Now, this big Power Armor edition which cost $200 USD was promised to include a T=51b Power armor helmet, a steelbook edition of the game, a map of Appalachia, some action figures and a canvas bag.

Now these goodies have been recently shipped and fans are displeased and unhappy with the quality of the Canvas bag which actually turned out to be a cheap nylon bag all crumbled and nothing like what was promised.

What made the matter worse is how Bethesda responded to the matter when people started posting about the issue on Reddit and Twitter.


This definitely means that Bethesda was aware of the situation and instead of fixing the situation they choose the easy way out. How will the fans trust this company again when all they have been doing recently is backstabbing them?

To make things worse, someone from Bethesda's store support said this-

We are sorry that you aren’t happy with the bag. The bag shown in the media was a prototype and was too expensive to make.
We aren’t planning on doing anything about it.
Bethesda Gear Store Support – North America

This seemed like a very unpolite and informal way to address the situation as it made fans really outrageous. Bethesda however also responded recently via a tweet

This instead of solving any of the issues actually degraded the situation even more since 500 Atoms is a very less amount of in-game currency. The cosmetic items you can buy from these 500 Atoms is barely anything good.

Moreover, microtransactions are a very highly volatile topic to talk about in the gaming industry itself as of now and Bethesda keeps on licking their own wounds instead of applying for any medicine.

Bethesda is struggling with good PR decisions as of now, Fallout 76 is not a broken mess with its sales downhill, add to all of that the lawsuit action and this new Power Armor edition and we have another EA in the making.

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