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Fallout76: Players are acting as NPC's

15 Nov 2018, 22:49 IST

So I came across this very interesting thing that I felt was worth sharing.

You see the very point of having real-life characters in the game instead of the usual NPC's was for the real people in the game to roleplay as different characters or start up their own factions.

And it has only been a day since the game released and I'm happy to see people have already started doing that.


I haven't yet dived into the game but got to know that a veteran Fallout player and a Youtuber named "Many A True Nerd" is role-playing as a caretaker sort of for the new or low levelled characters who just started playing.

He who obviously played the beta of the game earlier is as of now well deep into the game and his character is of a pretty high level, high enough to give support to other players.

So this Many A True Nerd guy basically built a campsite in the early portion of the game where he added different workbenches to craft supplies, cooking stations, purified water pump, etc.

Now in the early level, it's pretty difficult to build these things on your own so it's a good friendly gesture by this guy which I clearly wasn't expecting.


Many A True Nerd further went on to offer free weapons, armours and crafting materials to any low-level wanderer who happens to pass his camp.

I believe this was Bethesda's vision from the start.

We all know, that normal NPC's in the BGS games tend to be very generic which was pretty obvious in Fallout 4 and so the game was very predictable at times.

In Fallout76 however, having real-life people act as NPC is an entirely different thing.

Every time you meet a player will be a surprising encounter for you since that person can either help you or murder or maybe something entirely different? Who knows.


Since BGS gaming community is pretty creative about these things, I'm pretty sure there will be many many different players role-playing different characters in the coming months and years and some might end up forming their own factions, which who knows Bethesda might turn it into an official one in the next Fallout game?

I personally can't wait to dive in and roleplay as something I always wanted to do in a Fallout game and who knows how it will turn out.

What factions are you and your friends trying to build?

Tell me in the comments down below.

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