Far Cry: Ranking all the villains from worst to best

(Picture Credits: far cry wiki fandom)
(Picture Credits: far cry wiki fandom)

Far Cry has made it somewhat of a habit to deliver some of the most iconic villains in video-game history. Ubisoft didn't quite find this niche until the release of Far Cry 3 when they began featuring the villain on the box art- something which became a huge selling point for the franchise.

Over the years, Ubisoft has been able to consistently deliver iconic villains that are unique and, some would even say, relatable. At some point, all these villains are motivated by a goal that is understandable and one could even sympathise with them.

This is what makes these villains both terrifying and relatable. There are rarely any objectively bad villains in the Far Cry franchise (save for one).

Ranking all the Far Cry villains

Note: This list only includes the main villains of the franchise and not underbosses such as the Jacob Seed, Hoyt, and Yuma.

6) Dr Krieger


Perhaps the only out-and-out terrible villain in the Far Cry franchise, Dr Krieger comes off as simply too cartoonish and lacks any nuance. His personality can be boiled down to "evil doctor with mutations" and there is nothing more to him.

He was the primary antagonist of the original Far Cry when Ubisoft still hadn't figured out how to write great villains.

5) Mickey and Lou


The leaders of the Highwaymen faction in Far Cry: New Dawn, Micki and Lou are two terrifying twins with unrelenting ferocity.

The twin sisters leave behind a trail of destruction in their wake and continue to terrify the ravaged post-apocalyptic wasteland of Far Cry: New Dawn.

Taking after their father, Mickey and Lou are terrifying villains who stop at nothing to establish dominance over the wasteland.

4) The Jackal


The major speculation surrounding The Jackal, who is the primary antagonist of Far Cry 2, is that he is none other than Jack Carver, the protagonist of the first game. The Jackal is a feared mercenary who operates in Africa and is a formidable enemy to go up against.

Despite players' efforts, The Jackal is always one step ahead of them and outsmarts them at every turn. The hero's downfall into villainy is both heartbreaking and intriguing.

3) Joseph Seed


The prophetic "madman" Joseph Seed is a force to be reckoned with. He captivates everyone around him and has built an entire army of devoted followers.

The leader of Eden's Gate cult, Joseph Seed is as terrifying as he is charming, and is one of the most menacing villains in the Far Cry series. His character is further explored in Far Cry: New Dawn, where more layers are added to his character.

2) Pagan Min


Played by the excellent Troy Baker, Pagan Min is one of the most colourful villains in gaming history, and not simply because of his clothing. Pagan is a terrifying presence who commits horrible acts of violence.

Some might even argue that Pagan isn't even a villain after finishing the game. He is one of the most complex characters in the game and might actually be the best option for Kyrat's prosperity.

1) Vaas


There has never really been any question as to who the greatest villain in Far Cry history is. Michael Mando's explosive performance as Vaas gave birth to one of the most iconic villains in all of gaming.

Unhinged, unpredictable and eventually even sympathetic, Vaas is an absolute force of nature. He forms a unique relationship with Far Cry 3's protagonist Jason Brody, and some would even call them mirror-images of each other.

Vaas is simply one of the greatest villains in gaming history and is rightfully at the top of the list.

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