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FIFA 19: New Gameplay Features and Improvements

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EA Sports promises that this iteration would bring radically different changes that are all set to improve the gameplay for a more immersive footballing experience

FIFA 19 is 2018's most anticipated sports simulation game and is set to hit the stores on 28 September 2018. EA Sports promises that this iteration would bring radically different changes that are all set to improve the gameplay for a more immersive footballing experience.

The company demonstrated a host of changes to the gameplay, all of which add an extra dimension to both attacking and defending, and in this article, we shall outline the major changes found in FIFA 19 that concern the overall gameplay experience.

The ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team gets an incremental update, which includes a brand-new Division Rivals mode along with the influx of FUT Icons.

The Division Rivals mode allows a player to take on other players of similar skill levels all over the world. Additionally, the mode features a reworked FUT Champions qualification system.

On the other hand, the FUT Icons is more of an evolution of the Legends feature found in the previous iterations.

The influx of the new Active Touch system is set to transform the attacking gameplay by offering better control to the end user.

The game will feature new skills, traps and redesigned animations that all work together in a seamless fashion to enhance your overall gameplay experience while on the ball.

Along with improving the player motion, EA Sports has also modernised finishing with the introduction of Timed Finishing, which is stated to enhance the clinical finishing aspect of the game.


The familiar shooting mechanic is still available in the game and one could either enable or disable the Timed Finishing game mechanic.

The player has to precisely tap the shoot button for the second time to activate this function. The company claims this element incentivizes the player for a perfectly timed tap and penalizes them for the opposite. Expect a lot more drama within the penalty area of the pitch with the addition of this feature.

A new layer is added to match tactics, breathing in more action on the pitch. The Dynamic Tactics feature brings in better control of the team's tactics pre-match and during the match. This change is possible with the introduction of additional sliders to fine-tune offensive and defensive gameplays. Moreover, new tactical options will also be made available with this release.

The company behind the FIFA franchise brought in a couple of revolutionary improvements to the defence as well.

The introduction of 50/50 Battles will make winning loose balls more challenging, as the player attributes and the user reactions determine the likeliness of winning the ball. Additionally, the feature will also revamp defending with increased teammate intelligence and awareness.

Finally, the revolutionary Frostbite game engine is expanded to cover extended areas of the pitch, which allows for better player animations, realistic movements and responsiveness for a more engaging experience.

With all the changes, FIFA 19 promises to be an excellent game and is one step closer to offer the perfect football simulation.

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