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FIFA 20: 3 Things to Expect from the New Game

Image courtesy: Index hr website
Image courtesy: Index hr website
Anuj Gupta
Modified 28 Apr 2019

FIFA 19 was not quite the game EA was hoping for at least in terms of the negative reviews it received after a few months. The Shooting, AI defending and general gameplay was not as enjoyable as other FIFA editions have been.

However, the upcoming video game has a lot of promise and developers of FIFA 20 will certainly be working hard to make this edition a great success. Here we will see what Electronic Arts can add to the game in terms of new features and changes to already existing ones to make FIFA 20 the best football simulation yet.

Dynamic weather

Image courtesy: Youtube website
Image courtesy: Youtube website

The new Frostbite engine is known for changing weather scenarios in-game. It has been introduced in other EA titles and may make its way to FIFA this year. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer already uses this feature and gamers can feel the difference between snowy and watery fields while playing passes, all over general movement and gameplay.

According to EA DICE’s Patrick Bach, weather is more than just a pretty effect added for visual entertainment. The changing weather in a Battlefield V game creates even more unpredictable situations. Fog changes the way snipers and fighter planes operate in-game. Similarly, rain and snow can make terrain challenging to play as there will be more slips and chances of making mistakes will increase on a sloppy or snow-covered ground.

The scenario of going into a game thinking if it will rain or not and how will the wind conditions might change the game by affecting the aerial passes is how real managers think. These are practical complications which players deal with and bringing it to FIFA 20 will definitely change how the game is being played even on the professional levels.

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Published 28 Apr 2019, 16:16 IST
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