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FIFA, the footballing series is one of the best-selling games every year, thanks to its loyal fanbase and the incremental updates introduced by EA Sports, the company behind the franchise, every year.

FIFA 20, like FIFA 19, would feature a career mode, fully-licensed UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup. Along with those, there could numerous tweaks to FIFA 20 gameplay to make it a more immersive experience.

  1. FIFA 20 Gameplay
  2. FIFA 20 Player Ratings and Career Mode
  3. FIFA 20 Release Date

FIFA 20 Gameplay

FIFA 19 received huge upgrades in the team dynamics and shooting mechanics, and it is unlikely that the company behind the franchise would introduce too many drastic changes with this year’s iteration. Introduction of Dynamic Weather as a FIFA 20 update would be loved amongst the long-standing fans of the franchise.

However, currently, there are no comments by EA Sports regarding FIFA 20 updates.

FIFA 20 Player Ratings and Career Mode

The company behind the FIFA franchise reveals the player ratings right before the official launch of the game to build it up. The same is expected this year, and FIFA 20 Player Ratings would probably be released in batches at least a week prior to the global launch.

The Journey ended with FIFA 19, and it would be interesting to see whether EA Sports manages to start an all-new chapter by introducing new characters with a new story itself. Other FIFA 20 updates could revolve around the Career Mode by introducing an extra level of finesse so that allows the players to feel more engaged in managing a team.

FIFA 20 Release Date

There is still no official launch date for FIFA 20, but looking at the past trend, it is highly plausible that the game would make its way to the stores late September 2019 or early October 2019.

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