FIFA 20: Amazon India to lose exclusive rights to sell FIFA and other upcoming EA releases

FIFA 20 will not be exclusive to Amazon India
FIFA 20 will not be exclusive to Amazon India
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Amazon India are set to lose exclusivity to a number of EA titles, according to Gadgets 360. If reports are to be believed, EA are not too pleased with the manner in which the e-commerce giant handled the sales of recent FIFA editions.

Amazon India came in for intense backlash from fans when they failed to ship FIFA 18 efficiently, failing to meet orders and forcing delays. In fact, they managed to ship just 9,500 units of the game upon its release which represents a massive drop from the average rate of 40000.

This meant gamers were forced to either turn to digital or grey markets to get their hands on the game.

While FIFA 19 was delivered in a timely manner, it was mainly due to the fact that Amazon had received shipments early. Despite that, they managed to sell just 21,500 units on Day 1; a figure EA are not too happy with.

When online sales stagnated, Amazon India, for what it's worth, attempted to push product offline through a sub-distributor Zupitex, but pricing issues in retail meant the venture was not a huge success.

As a result, they are set to discontinue their association, which began way back in 2015, with Amazon India. This would also imply that FIFA 20, which is set for a September release, and many other EA titles including Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the latest Need for Speed would not be solely available on Amazon India, representing a boost for competitors like Flipkart and offline retail.

Amazon India have not enjoyed too much success with their exclusives, struggling in their previous venture to consistently sell the Xbox One. Possibly the only thing that saved them this time around was the sheer popularity of EA's FIFA franchise and the fan following the game has in the country.

It remains to be seen what EA has in mind with respect to a partnership in the future, but as of right now, things do not look too rosy for Amazon India.

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